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By Shinjuchan

4/23- I had a feeling this day was coming, but I had hoped it wouldn't...

I’m really not so sure what’s going to become of my 14 years here on DeviantART when the Eclipse becomes mandatary next month, I really don’t. I've tried to use the Eclipse version a number of times now since its first rollout and I have never been able to stay on it very long before toggling right back to the original interface in order to properly find notes, communication, and get my grounding.

I have to be perfectly honest — I can’t guarantee staying. I don’t know.  Perhaps DA intents to listen to our concerns and make improvements to its new layout during this four-week transitional period. I truly don’t know, but I find Eclipse to be currently visually uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing, (for me personally) and unusable.

Everything changes, this is true. What I might do is make my DeviantART a link directing my followers/friends to a new site not yet chosen for my art and Metatisic. I don't truly know what this means and I wish I had a solid answer. I feel kinda numb about this at the moment and I’m hoping that I am just simply not thinking clearly. I don’t like to give up and I also don’t like to cave in.

This might be a death nail. 

Stop by OneOut

P.S. Question in fairness. Do any of you use Eclipse currently and if so, how did you get it to work for you, etc. I truly do want to know.



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Eclipse just sucks. balls. Big time.

I don’t know if DA just wants to alienate whatever is left of their userbase - which ain’t much these days - or *what* it is that they’re playing at!? but besides the grievances already vented - the message/feedback section is indeed just unusable - my biggest beef is the insane amount of megs it uses to load, me, having an older computer + older browser, it makes the whole site - on top of everything else: unbrowsable too.

Must everything be turned into tablet/phone friendly? Because that’s real reason behind this: use-finger-to-click abomination.

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By the way, should you leave... you can find me by email at :) I'd hate to lose touch.
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Nah. I’m probably not going anywhere. When I wrote my journal, I was shocked yet. I’m still disappointed, yes, and I’m still against it, but I’m not sure what us little people can do against industry giants. Why is it so hard to maintain a toggle for those who prefer the old design ...who knows. As I wrote, I can only hope that DA intends to make improvements to its new layout during this four-week transitional period. Guess we’ll soon see.
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I have that hope, too. I left some feedback for them today, asking that they keep the toggle. I signed a petition. I know it may be only a vague hope now, but I still tried.
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I hugely dislike the new Eclipse interface. Even with the improvements. I also find it hard to use (not here; on that other account that you know about, just so I get used to it).

I don't want to leave DA. This community is very important to me and that fanbase that you know is pretty much all here.

But I'll forever miss the old interface. I hope DA staff do something about it in the future, even as an available customizable skin. I'd be happy even with that.
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I tried to use it a couple of times but no, I don't really like it. It's all mixed up on the notifications and I really hate that
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Not really a fan of the new Eclipse layout but if push comes to shove, I'll try to learn it... but I won't like it too much pffft
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I'll try myself, but I'm seriously disappointed atm. I really don't know why they just can't keep the toggle as a compromise for those who prefer the old interface.
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