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WIP Christopher Lloyd

By Shinjuchan
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WIP “Whassup, Doc!” (Christopher Lloyd)
Cretacolor graphite pencils, Prismacolor

And something else I’ve been up to in between all this chibi cuteness on my desk. As you know 2015 marks our arrival at last with the date referenced in the iconic ‘Back To The Future’ trilogy. As expected, a whooooooo—le lot of prime geek madness is going to be taking place all over conventions and expos everywhere as a result. Thus part of the reason for my BTTF work lately. I’m working a few jobs for the 2015 Back To The Future Day. I was hoping I might have a few months to spread this all out over, but with my second surgery scheduled for March 3rd it’s going to have to be now while I can.

Okay then. Wow *blink* I guess it really >is< true. Mark Calaway and Christopher Lloyd really could be twins afterall *laughs* No seriously, I’ve been serving up Undertaker art for well over 20 years and found there really isn’t all that much tweaking between the two of them when I began this portrait. Chris’ face is more gaunt as he is older and hasn’t the physical build of an athlete, different nose and ears a bit, but still otherwise relatively easy to confuse the two if I didn’t specifically state that it was Christopher Lloyd.

1 ) First stage. You can’t tell I suppose, but I changed his head tilt and hair direction quite a few times in the beginning. If you’re a sketcher, into sketching portraits, or just thinking about getting into portrait drawing in general, this is precisely why I consider light tone lead essential that first hour or so into your work. Save your detailing for later. No matter what skill level you have you ARE going to be making changes and dark tone lead and heavy-handed pressing makes it difficult to erase those marks.  Think build. You’re building layers — one pass, two pass, three.

2 ) Layering on the details at this moment trying to get him all ‘fleshed out’ whilst taking a moment to answer that almighty question: “Megan! What the hell do you use?!” As in killer sketching medium stuff. First things first, put down that No. 2 pencil you stole from your kid’s homework. There’s more than one shade of grey. And get yourself a colorless blender. You can smudge w/ your fingers if you truly want too, but if you’re a south paw like me then you know your art’s going to regret that, and if you are left-handed then I need not explain that *lol*

3 ) And as of this morning. At this moment I’ve begun adding the Prismacolor layers. I do this because the oil base softens the graphite lines. I love that effect and you’ll notice it quite a bit in a whoooooo-le lot of my portrait making.

4 ) Close up on some of the details in progress 10% & 20% gray.

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It's looking good!