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The Eleventh Dancer

By Shinjuchan
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“The 11th dancer”, the Sarian, Soldera on manila drawing paper.

I really didn’t think I was going to like this paper, but I’ve really enjoyed this bit of working in reverse, if you will.  That is to say that instead of with white paper where I am layering shadows to highlights, here I am adding highlights to the shadows with light tone pencils. That and it adds a bit of a unique tone. I kinda like it.

The Sarian dancer, Soldera —But that’s ‘Eleven’ to us peons as only Metatisic himself reserves the right of her given name as his femme esteemed.

Btw, it hits me that this is my first drawing/art anything since October and that was just a small, quick political cartoon. Something quite new for me. If I can help it I avoid politics. Too much bitterness, fighting over opinions. I’d just rather stick w/ the things you and I love and Decepticons don’t vote *lol* Anyway, I am sorry about the delay in art. If you haven’t kept a watch on my journal, I’ve been going through a separation. Thankfully not a bitter one, but it certainly has been a emotional one. Robert and I had spent 26 years of our lives together.

Cretacolor graphite, Prismacolor, and copic cir. 2017
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