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PNT - Dear Uncle Paul

By Shinjuchan
‘Dear, Uncle Paul ..’
Art from the Plots-n-Tombstones Mark Callaway (Calaway) Fanclub

Completed! If you’ve already seen the step-by-step I had previously featured of this using the Cretacolor Drawing pencils then there’s probably no need to explain except to say 'finished at last' ^^


You can find out more about PNT and it’s history achieved at the Vicious Visions Website.

Undertaker copyrighted by WWE Entertainment., “The Party Animals” design of the Fox, Paul B. Cat, and other related animal likenesses © 2008 Vicious Visions Inc., All rights reserved VAU-211-938
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© 2008 - 2021 Shinjuchan
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Beautiful! I loved Paul Bearer very much. He is quite funny as well. Including the match where Paul Bearer had the huge Urn, and he was looking at his reflection in the Urn, He was going, "DERRRRRRRR DDEEEERRRRRRRRR"
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I definitely like this more modern rendition of William Alvin Moody (Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle III). He looks so life-like here.
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He really is a wonderful person. He recently featured this piece in his blog in fact. ^^
eccentricdonald's avatar
I've never heard anything negative about him at all. I understand he's a real big George Jones fan (yes, he loves country). He also served in the Air Force, and I'm sure you definitely know he's a licensed mortician. Need I say more? LOL
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*GASP* OMG! Old school WWF style. :XD: I'm lovin' this. I love the coloring job.
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Oh thank you so much for saying something about this. I often tend to get a lot of faves, but never all that many comments about why, know? Granted that I understand that many of the artist here (or art appreciators) see a :+fav: as being a compliment, but I’m one of the few that do not. I’m honored that people would like to favorite my art, but I would prefer to know why — was it the colors? The brushes? The medium? The hightlights in his eyes?, etc... I like knowing that stuff so that I might improve and/or use it later.

In any event, this is actually ‘right now’ WWE rather than ‘old school’. Uncle Paul has lost an incredible 260+ pounds since he was last on WWE TV in 2004 and looks so fantastic. I know he’s quite proud of his accomplishment and I guess so am I for his sake as I know how hard it really was for him. Bill (Paul) is the one person I know who can actually defy the stereotype of what a ‘beautiful’ man is and is supposed to look like by his charm and grace in all the years I have known him and had the pleasure to work with. He’s such a sweetheart and so very generous with himself. He gives so much that I’ve often been foul about how he is perceived by most fans.
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It's been a long while since I saw OLD 'Taker and Paul Bearer. I haven't watched it recently, I got into some other shows and you know, how you miss one night of wrestling, your storylines get mixed up? That's what happened to me. Oops. But on occasion I love going to the sports bar and watch it with some friends and knock back a few tall ones. :9

Seriously, you have this coloring style that reminds me a mix between watercolor and prismacolor pencils. I know it's digital, but still awe-inspires me either way.

But I know how you feel. I try to admire the artwork not just for the subject, but the textures, the linework... every little detail I can pinpoint. But I'm glad my comment made you happy! I like to make talented artists happy. You guys work hard and deserve the recognition that you deserve.
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For years and years prior to the web and programs such as Adobe, I worked with multi-mediums. Berol Prismacolor has (and remains even today!) a constant favorite of mine. I love pastels, charcoals, and oil and water paints — many of which I incorporated into the making of this portrait. So when it comes to coloring in digital, if I decide on that method, I just go with that same style, as close as possible, that I’m already used too.

As for Wrestling, it has always been on in my house since before I was born, I dare say. My mother was an avid fan (and her father, too) and so had watched it for years in the 1960-1970's. Growing up in the 1980's, I got myself turned on to it when my mother ordered Wrestlemania III to watch Hulk Hogan fight Andre the Giant. Since that time, we have had a tradition of ‘Wrestlamania parties’ at our house ever since. I imagine in much the same way that guys enjoy annual Superbowl parties.
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I have done my share of different mediums and I enjoyed everyone. I enjoy simple pencil shading, but then I get my art watchers annoyed because my gallery is so gray, gray, gray!

Our family's been watching wrestling for that long as well. My uncle was close friends with Hogan and Andre the Giant. My mother met Andre and said he was extremely friendly, but she just got neck strain from staring up and up at him. My uncle was also going into a independent fed, but quit because, according to rumor, he nearly killed someone with a folding chair. I also wanted to join a fed with my brother, we wanted to be the first brother/sister tag team, but his heart couldn't handle the strain and my mom forbade me to do something so dangerous. LOL! I thought it was fun. I worked out so much, I had a body that was cut and sexy.

We so need to go to a wrestling match. I'd enjoy it soooooo much.
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