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On the set in Latibae

By Shinjuchan
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On the set in LazyTown - Magnús Scheving V

Sharing more of my photo goodies I received along w/ my Christmas present from Iceland ----Blondeacus! *lol* There just aren't enough pictures of Maggi in mid-costume for Sportacus, meaning in just his Sportacus under shirt (no crystal vest jacket) with his hat off. My version of Sportacus in the 'Sports Candy' manga was based entirely on this depiction and reality. I just love Magnús' fluffy blonde curls! My only wish is that this panorama of the LazyTown set was bigger.

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He keeps his hat on not to hide his elf ears, but the ONE TIME he took it off everyone in Lazytown developed an overwhelming urge to fondle his coiffure.
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Funny you should mention because I have at last confirmed that Sportacus’ ears are in fact pointed. One of the Christmas gifts that I received w/ these photos was the ultra-rare, Íþróttaálfurinn bank from 2002. I’ve spent a good 9 years at least looking for this incredibly elusive piece of Icelandic pre-production LT merchandise that —damn! Hard. Very, very hard and damn near impossible. But to the reason I am mentioning it, the bank is not only the first piece of LT merchandise to feature the closest evolution of the Sportacus character appearance that was ultimately finalized upon for the TV series in 2004, but it is also virtually the only depiction of Sportacus with his elf ears showing. 
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Damn, that's a rare animal. Is it the same design as Sportacus/Íþróttaálfurinn in the pilot with Shelby Young? (Everyone looked rather different in that)
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I'm gonna take some photos of it to share, but yeah. Pretty much right on the cusp of that. He was still in yellow, but the design was all in place. Rare animal is the understatement of the year. You have to practically living in Iceland to obtain it. This just might be the longest search ever for me personally for a collection piece.
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Awww, he looks cute!
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"IT'S SO FLUFFY!" *Despicable me* I think it's more fluffed on set because every time he takes his hat off he gets the static cling poof *lol*
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