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Jasper.. Why

By Shinjuchan
A sketch of anguished Hendrik I did for my BFF Marty. I've never drawn him before outside of just simply already being experienced in the art style of Akira Toriyama so that is a big win at least. In case you missed the posting before, I've been playing Dragon Quest XI for a couple weeks now, It is my favorite JRPG series title of all-time and has been for so, so many years and this character Hendrik has entirely grown on me. He practically begged to put my pencils to him *l*

(Boy, you making me feel all doujin about you and that's not keen for your future safety)
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This is so so good
his manly tears make my heart ache ::')
Jasperrrrr whyyyyyyy 
You hurt Hendrik bad </3

URGH I know what you mean by wanting to draw him so much
Him and Jasper are all I draw on the Dragon quest Amino lmbooo
They're just so PRETTY
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It's beautiful yet so sad but before all it's beautiful.
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Nice! :D 
I love the DQ series as well, I really need to get back to DQ XI. :XD: ^^;