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I hate you...

By Shinjuchan
I hate you ....

“I hate you so much that I just need you to promise me you'll be there."

Back to back, Undertaker, Paul Bearer and a title for this picture that has probably thrown you all for a loop ...Well, unless you actually ‘get it’ that is. It is far more symbolic than you realize (And maybe much more satire) It was meant to reflect what was going on at the time during the 'infamous break-up'. The characters are unable to see eye to eye, but back to back because they are entirely incapable of dividing the powerful legacy they both have created ...One that still seems to bridge generations even to this day.

I’ve been working on this piece over the course of two weeks between packing boxes. As with ‘Dianna’s Tree’, I first used a mixture of Berol Prismacolor watercolor pencils, scanned it, and then used a variety of softer brushes on Adobe., cir. 2009
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A very wonderful drawing of Paul and Taker.
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:iconsaysplz: Thanks. I appreciate that ^^
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Wow, that's a very cute drawing....
Despite the horrible images of "Paul Bearer + Undertaker" porn that suddenly started appearing in my mind.... GAAAAAAAH
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Very, very good. Yet another to add to my favs

Kinda sums up the feeling of '96/97 nicely.

Your colours as usual are perfect.
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Yes it does. Thus the title actually.

"Damn, I hate you .. Please come back to me!" :XD:
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Awesome job and you know my 'slashy radar' went off. :XD:

I love the colors and linework. Wonderful and stunning.
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*lol* :XD: That ‘radar’ seems to go off whether I meant it to be that ‘way’ or not. Must be the way I draw them, vision them, or something?

...Course it’s not as though it wouldn’t be entirely their own fault sometimes. Probably more Paul than Undertaker. I was doing a review about their antics following their break-up at Summerslam that one year, and you just can’t help but to laugh sometimes because as much as Bearer fumed & damned the Deadman, he also wanted him back in the same exact breath!

“Dammit, I hate you! Dammit, will you just please come back to me?!”

It’s those constant ‘irresolutions’ of his that inspired, and is really behind the title for this picture in the first place.
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Believe me, the concept that you're portraying is understandable. LOL Very sentimental! :D
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Sentimental and also too polite of me. Pardon while I confess that I’ve done (and have also seen) worse.
eccentricdonald's avatar
I understand. You should know, obviously. LOL Seriously, I do understand.
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If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, then yes. I know. Do you remember at all when Paul locked himself in the Hell in the Cell and Undertaker came up through the ring apron and just beat his mortal ass all over the cage? That was about the most primo S&M skit I about ever seen .... *pauses* ... Dear Lord, I’m going to hell. Straight to hell. :lmao:
eccentricdonald's avatar
I do recall that Hell in the Cell, and it was on Raw. He was supposed to be fighting Kane, and Kane was stuck outside the cage! :rofl::lmao: I believe this was the precursor to when Paul got his home destroyed the following week. I saw that footage on Youtube, and my favorite line that he said goes as follows - "Please, JR! It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out!" LOL
Shinjuchan's avatar
Yup, yup! That’s the one ... needed a frick’in shower after that, me thinks. *lol* My mom’s boyfriend at the time used to tease the piss outta me by saying things like, “That’s one hell of a bitter divorce.” whenever he’d walk through the room.

Whether anyone ever thought that way or not, you got to admit that Paul’s antics around the time never did seem to make much sense. He’d be cursing about how much he hated the Undertaker, but yet his whole reasons for doing any of this in the first place is because Undertaker wouldn’t take him back and, ... well.. I guess he got major jealous. Possessive, ain’t he?
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LOL Shows when a mortician and his corpse tend to hate each other, they make up as friends like they should. :rofl::lmao:

Still, it's all "good in da hood." LOL
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To me, this is a picture that makes you want to go 'Awww'. Once again great work!
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