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DBZ - Passion - 19

By Shinjuchan
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情熱. PASSION - As a river flows
( Piccolo X Gohan )

5/23/14 UPDATE~! I’m putting this information here as not everyone viewing this follows my journal. This doujin has NOT been cancelled. It is temporarily suspended for the time being as I was struggling w/ a very deep personal loss and am currently in process of undergoing corrective surgery of left arm. Most of you may already be aware that I am left-handed and have nervously, stubbornly avoided this inevitable procedure for a good 4-5 years now, hoping to give all the possible alternatives a chance because I was worried about any long term effect it might have on me as an artist. Not having it done however HAS become a long term effect. It needs to be taken care of, I’m ready now, and will return to this title (and hopefully a whole lot more) after my recovery. Thank you all for your interest in my work.

At LAST! My first new pages of 2013! My apologies for the delays, but if you’ve been monitoring or follow my journal at all, then you would already know how come and there’s no need to explain. Sometimes life rears a head and it is what it is : / Anyways, How DARE you ..... *KISS*

If anything at all immediately dawns on me having worked on this small lil’ mini doujin over the passed couple of days, it’s that it has reeeeeeally been a while since I have drawn Toriyama-style for any lengthy time. It was almost as though I had to go watch some DBZ and shake off the rust. Mentioned a number of occasions in the past, most all of my fans here are aware that I once worked as author/illustrator for the Dragonball doujinshi title ‘Hob-nudian Chapters’ (DBHC) through the now defunct Huryuki group. That title ended in 2001 so since then --besides a few scattered drawings here and there-- I haven’t had too many excuses or reasons to maintain the technique. My work in resent years have been predominately my own signature form of drawing manga, which I see as a blending of western/eastern influences.

---Then I received a tattoo design request, and now this here ; D I confess that this has been a scene that has found it’s way into my mind and creative spark more than once. I’m glad that I can finally bring it out on paper for you to enjoy. Even so, with that in mind, I decided I would not be following Toriyama-sama to the exact letter. You’re still going to see elements of myself in here and quite frankly I believe it’s better that way. You should be yourself on Deviant. This is about YOUR art ...not pre-existing, been there, done that ~ Enjoy!

Oh, by the way. In case the title is obvious enough, yes this is yaoi, and yes, actually I DO have a fetish for Gohan and Piccolo. Thanks for pointing that out. I own many doujinshi by many different artists and friends in the business. If this is a problem for you ...hey, back button yourself to another Deviant.

cir. 2/2013
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Jioseph-superfan63's avatar
How dare Gohan make Piccolo feel love?!

He dare because he love Piccolo!
PurpleGuyFan101's avatar
You have earned a new watcher I love Piccolo x Gohan and I see you like the Undertaker a superstar that was my childhood haa
Isabela2003's avatar
Morrrigane's avatar
Okay, you got a new fan. Looking forward to next pages like mad. Take care.
Shinjuchan's avatar
(A late reply, as I sit here going through the stacks of comments :work: My apologies.) Thank you very much :) :salute:
x-Riivenge's avatar
I can't wait for the next page. I've been waiting so long it seems. XD
DragonWithAShotgun's avatar
I understand that Gohan is Goku's son, so I understand the family resemblance, but I have to say this: In my opinion, Gohan looks TOO MUCH like his father.. Black spikey hair, facial structure, same eyes, even though I I already knew it was Gohan in the comic, I for a second thought that I was looking at Goku.
But... all that aside... I'm honestly not a PiccoloxGohan fan, but I will say that I absolutely LOVE your comic! That detail and drama, it all fits perfectly! Swoon~ 
superlinkfighter's avatar
I love this comic, sexy no matter how many times I read it. I hope you feel better soon, just take all the time you need until you find your passion for this comic again. Just ignore everyone who rushes you to finish.
HalfSaiyanHeart's avatar
Lol, classic Piccolo... Shouts at Gohan then kisses him XD
Primeval-Wings's avatar
:iconrazycryplz: yeeeeeeeee
This comic killed me. RIP me. 
MoriPanda's avatar
I am in love with this. Please continue it soon. :)
NightsongPrime's avatar
Saito-san's avatar
i love this! please don't fprget about it!
BlazeCute's avatar
Owwww, i love this comic :love:
And i loved the kiss :iconmonkeyloveplz:
Shinjuchan's avatar
(A late reply, as I sit here going through the stacks of comments :work: My apologies.) Thank you very much :) :salute:
BlazeCute's avatar
You're welcome :3
I love your art it's perfectly drawn and it's so difficult to find good gohanXpiccolo fics and fan comics out there with good art your amazing
Rigel-McHeaven's avatar
just discovered this and let me tell you I am completely in love with this story!!! I always knew in my mind piccolo and gohan had some kind of relationship and seeing it for the first time is awesome, I hope you have finally recover from your accident and your hand cos Id love to see some more of this!! Im secretly  hoping for piccolo to take control now and shows gohan he is the top of the relationship! xD thanx for this man, great work! very well done! simply beautiful. 
lusalgado's avatar
Nice work , I hope you have recovered , I am left-handed and also can not do anything with the right hand , and I always end up overloading the left arm. you are a great artist , I love you draw Piccolo
InvaderTee's avatar
Oh I really do hope that you continue with this doujinshi!
Piccohan is my OTP and this is/was wonderful reading~
Holtza's avatar
I wish you a speedy recovery! Heart 
Thank you for your work so far, this is great stuff. Meow :3 
hashininaru's avatar
Great work~
BTW I've got a little question -- who's on top in this story...?
animefreak2020's avatar
Hey if you all like piccolo go come see our page on Facebook…
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