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DBZ - Passion - 17

By Shinjuchan
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情熱. PASSION - As a river flows
( Piccolo X Gohan )

Last page of 2012. This just might be the one, lone time you’ll be seeing Piccolo’s ‘winkie’ here in the doujin as I considered this a relatively benign (and unavoidable) pose. ...Jesus H, did I just say ‘winkie?’ That’s what happens when you have a 3 year old in the house *lol*

If anything at all immediately dawns on me having worked on this small lil’ mini doujin over the passed couple of days, it’s that it has reeeeeeally been a while since I have drawn Toriyama-style for any lengthy time. It was almost as though I had to go watch some DBZ and shake off the rust. Mentioned a number of occasions in the past, most all of my fans here are aware that I once worked as author/illustrator for the Dragonball doujinshi title ‘Hob-nudian Chapters’ (DBHC) through the now defunct Huryuki group. That title ended in 2001 so since then --besides a few scattered drawings here and there-- I haven’t had too many excuses or reasons to maintain the technique. My work in resent years have been predominately my own signature form of drawing manga, which I see as a blending of western/eastern influences.

---Then I received a tattoo design request, and now this here ; D I confess that this has been a scene that has found it’s way into my mind and creative spark more than once. I’m glad that I can finally bring it out on paper for you to enjoy. Even so, with that in mind, I decided I would not be following Toriyama-sama to the exact letter. You’re still going to see elements of myself in here and quite frankly I believe it’s better that way. You should be yourself on Deviant. This is about YOUR art ...not pre-existing, been there, done that ~ Enjoy!

Oh, by the way. In case the title is obvious enough, yes this is yaoi, and yes, actually I DO have a fetish for Gohan and Piccolo. Thanks for pointing that out. I own many doujinshi by many different artists and friends in the business. If this is a problem for you ...hey, back button yourself to another Deviant.

cir. 12/2012
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© 2012 - 2021 Shinjuchan
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WTFboomLOL's avatar
It's cool art but piccolo isen't a girl or a boy that means how does he got a penis??
superlinkfighter's avatar
Because akira explained in an interview that namekians are hermaphrodites and that means they have male genataillia or male reproductive organs and internal female reproductive organs. So they're not genderless, they're both!!
X0Oniness0X's avatar
A very good surgeon with great experience
MetalFan1992's avatar
Horny! Shocked
nice work .. ^^' i have to .. its pretty hot xD
betaruga's avatar
Innovative positioning and foreshortening there! Great drama shot. Also, Piccolo is pretty uh, loaded there. Figure Gohan would just instantly explode from the sheer size and pressure of Piccolo taking him. That's the next installment, right? ;-)

Great work, always thought there was a potential charge between these characters.
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fuzzball17's avatar
That means he dosnt have a penis Vegeta!!!
fuzzball17's avatar
If we had junk you'd be so gay right now XD
Jeicerules34's avatar
hahaha XD nice reference 
fuzzball17's avatar
Thank TEAM FOUR STAR :D! and to a lesser but still hillarious extent Nail

fuzzball17's avatar
have you watched the TFS reads 50 shades of gray, THAT SHITS FUNNY!!! 
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Ynnep's avatar
OH DAMN!!!! o///////o *Favs*

Think this needs a warning?
Sauron88's avatar
domo-kawaii-desune's avatar
fuzzball17's avatar
There Hermaphrodite
Shinjuchan's avatar
Surprises happen every day don't they?
VegetaDaimoh's avatar
It's not DBZ if you don't have any action in it! (Oh man I just realized that sentence could be taken the wrong way. Or is it the right way?? *face palm*) I was actually admiring the angle and the speed lines and then I noticed the... winkie. Lmao! I find myself grinning like an idiot every time I see that you have put up a new page of this comic. Thanks for making my day. :D
Shinjuchan's avatar
I was supposed to have had a new page up weeks ago now until life reared a ugly head on me in January : ( On top of this I came down w/ a horrible chest cold right around the beginning of that month that lasted for days. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but it couldn’t be helped. I’m really hoping soon.
narusasuangel's avatar
hahaha should of saw that coming
KairiUJMK's avatar
Sugoi~:heart: Dekai na? Calling it a winkie? Oh dear lord now that odd thing my friend once told me she learned from a cheerleading thing she attended once in college is in my head, now how did it go......oh yeah..."Let me see your teletubbie, now how does it go, arms back, tongue out" and then you make ridiculous noises while bouncing on your toes and as it continues more actions are added but still leading to arms back and tongue out etc. XD had to get that outta my head XD now I shall my proper fainting time from this awesomeness |D :faint:
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