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DBZ - Passion - 16

By Shinjuchan
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情熱. PASSION - As a river flows
( Piccolo X Gohan )


If anything at all immediately dawns on me having worked on this small lil’ mini doujin over the passed couple of days, it’s that it has reeeeeeally been a while since I have drawn Toriyama-style for any lengthy time. It was almost as though I had to go watch some DBZ and shake off the rust. Mentioned a number of occasions in the past, most all of my fans here are aware that I once worked as author/illustrator for the Dragonball doujinshi title ‘Hob-nudian Chapters’ (DBHC) through the now defunct Huryuki group. That title ended in 2001 so since then --besides a few scattered drawings here and there-- I haven’t had too many excuses or reasons to maintain the technique. My work in resent years have been predominately my own signature form of drawing manga, which I see as a blending of western/eastern influences.

---Then I received a tattoo design request, and now this here ; D I confess that this has been a scene that has found it’s way into my mind and creative spark more than once. I’m glad that I can finally bring it out on paper for you to enjoy. Even so, with that in mind, I decided I would not be following Toriyama-sama to the exact letter. You’re still going to see elements of myself in here and quite frankly I believe it’s better that way. You should be yourself on Deviant. This is about YOUR art ...not pre-existing, been there, done that ~ Enjoy!

Oh, by the way. In case the title is obvious enough, yes this is yaoi, and yes, actually I DO have a fetish for Gohan and Piccolo. Thanks for pointing that out. I own many doujinshi by many different artists and friends in the business. If this is a problem for you ...hey, back button yourself to another Deviant.

cir. 12/2012
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autumnleaf176992's avatar
As TFS Piccolo would say,"Gotcha Bitch!"
narusasuangel's avatar
ooooh man gohan gonna get now heehee
KairiUJMK's avatar
:iconpiccoloplz:: You didn't honestly believe I'd be the bottom for long *glint*
:icongohanwtfplz:: Oh sh-
Me: |D Ah Nyan~:heart: *singing* he had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame~ XD :giggle:
Patchshine's avatar
Piccolo: *Glint*
Gohan: *WTF*

Me: *staring at the screen* Y-yes! Go, get him!!!!
My Mom: Honey, who are you talking to? *yells downstairs*
Me: S***t! *slams the laptop down* No one!

(True story) XD
blackkitten01's avatar
I think we can all agree that as soon as Piccolo made that face, everybody was like "Oh shit". 😧😳
DarkLadyGrayson's avatar

Except that it´s two in the morning and i better be quiet!!! jajajaja
Patchshine's avatar
Yup, the quieter the better. XDD
LezzyBugO3O's avatar
I just love it when the dominance goes both ways. :squee:
Crystal-Ice-Rose's avatar
oh damn now i want to know the next tone XD
Shinjuchan's avatar
Thank you. I appreciate all your comments! Happy New Year :party:
nanda16's avatar
Ohhh yeah! Haha, now the story will get more interesting.. :iconohohoplz: :heart:
Shinjuchan's avatar
Misato-sensei's avatar
Shinjuchan's avatar
sdragon96's avatar
Oh, snap.... Gohan is so gonna get it!

*evil laughter!*
Shinjuchan's avatar
Yeeeeeah boy! :iconchahaplz:
Thefanfictionnymph's avatar
I am going to have dreams about that 'Glint'. Sigh.
Shinjuchan's avatar
knight31313's avatar
heheheheheheheheheh...giggity giddidty...All riiight
Kimi-Oneechan's avatar
:iconblushingplz: OMIGOD!! I wish he would *glint* at me like that!!! XD Gohan's done for!!
The-Dark-Fallen's avatar
....ehehehehee MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHH!!!!! 8D GO PICCOLO!!!! :squee:
superlinkfighter's avatar
you can punish me anyday piccolo!!! i'd love for him to look at me like that...RAWR!!!
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