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DBZ - Passion - 12

By Shinjuchan
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情熱. PASSION - As a river flows
( Piccolo X Gohan )


*UPDATE Beginning 12/7, I will be adding my own, self-censorship to any pages and installments of PASSION that I determine to be too explicit/implicative in nature for DeviantART guideline. This means that some pages may have to be censored while others may not; flying just enough under the radar. Personally, as I’ve designed this doujin to be completely suggestive in nature rather than literal, I feel that enough security is already in place --Administration however, may beg to differ with my beliefs. I am well aware of cases in which even ‘suggested’ art was removed. That is why I’ve decided to do this purely as a act of precaution. Unedited versions of any censored pages will featured on my personal website with that link provided here.


Observation while working these two pages .... Piccolo has a real sexy mouth! Must be the damn canines. *Oops ..small insert before I get questions. That lil’ bit of Japanese text there is just a sound effect for ‘grabbing’. I thought it looked better for this page verses English.

If anything at all immediately dawns on me having worked on this small lil’ mini doujin over the passed couple of days, it’s that it has reeeeeeally been a while since I have drawn Toriyama-style for any lengthy time. It was almost as though I had to go watch some DBZ and shake off the rust. Mentioned a number of occasions in the past, most all of my fans here are aware that I once worked as author/illustrator for the Dragonball doujinshi title ‘Hob-nudian Chapters’ (DBHC) through the now defunct Huryuki group. That title ended in 2001 so since then --besides a few scattered drawings here and there-- I haven’t had too many excuses or reasons to maintain the technique. My work in resent years have been predominately my own signature form of drawing manga, which I see as a blending of western/eastern influences.

---Then I received a tattoo design request, and now this here ; D I confess that this has been a scene that has found it’s way into my mind and creative spark more than once. I’m glad that I can finally bring it out on paper for you to enjoy. Even so, with that in mind, I decided I would not be following Toriyama-sama to the exact letter. You’re still going to see elements of myself in here and quite frankly I believe it’s better that way. You should be yourself on Deviant. This is about YOUR art ...not pre-existing, been there, done that ~ Enjoy!

Oh, by the way. In case the title is obvious enough, yes this is yaoi, and yes, actually I DO have a fetish for Gohan and Piccolo. Thanks for pointing that out. I own many doujinshi by many different artists and friends in the business. If this is a problem for you ...hey, back button yourself to another Deviant.

cir. 12/2012
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Que lastima que no se pueda ver por completo algunas imágenes. Cielos estaba muy emocionado 😢

Takara04's avatar he licking/sucking his ass? oh well
y does it have a big Cencored thingy over it T-T
Shinjuchan's avatar
Because it's sexually graphic. Click the link in AC for uncensored version.
Shinjuchan's avatar
Thank you. I appreciate you're commentary :)
betaruga's avatar
Gohan's tender, reverent expression just does me in man. APPLAUSE
Shinjuchan's avatar
Thank you. I appreciate you're commentary :)
Jyueru's avatar
ahem...well then
Water-Spryte's avatar
Shinjuchan's avatar
Thank you :) I really appreciate the comments :)
Water-Spryte's avatar
^-^ you're welcome and thank you for sharing
Princess-Las-Noches's avatar
I have no words. i really don't. i'm just going to stare in aww :horny:
Shinjuchan's avatar
Be my guest. Stare away.
MikuVaile's avatar
Can you tell me why?
Thefanfictionnymph's avatar
Sexy mouth. Sexy fangs. What I wouldn't give to be in Gohan's place.
Shinjuchan's avatar
The fangs made a great impression here. I'm glad I opted that direction.
shadesoflove's avatar
Oh my goodness, this is so intense! Those fangs are extremely hot. and Gohan's expression is just delicious. This whole doujin is just... phew. Nosebleed after nosebleed after nosebleed. You are amazing.
Shinjuchan's avatar
And just think ...nothing’s really happened yet ^^; Gohan’s still got his pants on yet!

Anyway, agreed. The close-up on Piccolo’s mouth and fangs reeeeeally adds to the intensity of these pages. Interestingly enough, that wasn’t intentional. When you’re going, building entirely on suggestion, creating this illusion that they’re actually having sex without a single penis appearing anywhere at all, you need to have other ways to convey it. So I put the arousal into the stretch of his jaw and his teeth. I was surprised how well it implied something HARDCORE was taking place.
shadesoflove's avatar
Well something has clearly happened by page 13! ^^;
Yes, the power of suggestion is quite overwhelming!
*fans self*
NightmareSaber's avatar
OH MY KAMI!! *heart jumps out of chest and gloms screen* Come back heart! I need you for blood flow! :+favlove: I so want to snag my tounge on his fangs... is that wrong of me? :O
Shinjuchan's avatar
*lol* I think this might be the 5th time your heart has gone off on it's own. Thank you. Anyways ...Oh yes! I certainly understand the fang thing. Now I need to figure out how exactly I’m going to flip the coin because if you think for one moment that Saiyan boy’s gonna master the teacher ...hahaha. *glint*
NightmareSaber's avatar
Yeah, I can't wait! And I know... my heart is sensitive to these things :XD:
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