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BRAND NEW Sports Candy 1

By Shinjuchan
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♪ ♫ I'm the girl with the strawberry hair in the photograph—So, c'mon let's dance ♪ ♫

First off, I >really< need to quit giving out prospective times for new page releases --for any new art going up here in general-- because every time I do that I’m exhaling icicles because the furnace decided it wanted to take a sh*t on the coldest possible day of the season thus far *ha!* The irony. No serious though, the furnace conked out three times and three times I had to call back Mr. Fix-it while I’m huddling around space heaters trying to ward off the -18 wind chill outside. Fun wow.

Now then .... YIPPEE! BRAND NEW SPORT CANDIES FOR THE MASSES! For those of you following my journal updates you are aware (I hope) that I had mentioned that every page of Sports Candy had been updated to the new formats w/ the exception of four. This was the scene in which Sportacus surprises Stephanie as she is practicing on stage. Reason 1. ) The original master files of those pages were corrupted and would not accept the new format so they need to be re-mastered and 2. ) The more I looked at them the fuglier they got! That just wasn’t my best and compared to other page samples of the manga offered here they were substandard. I wanted to improve those with more feeling of the moment, so while though the scene itself is not new to the reader, the art is 100% brand new and will increase the sequence by one more page. Obviously this is going to result in having to re-number the pages that are up currently, but we’ll come to that when we do. For the moment----enjoy! :) Oh, and if you are familiar with the original of this scene then I'm hoping even more for your happiness and approval at how much more super uber-licously better this update is.

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LazyTown ‘Sports Candy’ doujinshi (Latibær ‘Íþróttanammi’ )

Sample pages from the LazyTown ‘Sports Candy’ doujin manga

The thin blue lines you are seeing are called ‘bleed lines’ (or bleed points) they are invisible in canvas PDF format when the pages are sent to the publisher. Bleeds tell the printer (and the artist, too) where the art will be trimmed during publication so you NEVER want to put any important art or text outside of those lines cause they will be clipped during the printing process.

LAZYTOWN © By Magnús Scheving

TEXT & ART © Vicious Visions Inc., Shinju-chan., TEXT TRANSLATIONS: Ásta K. Ólafsdóttir, Yasunari Mori

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Aww I love this so much!  <3 I love Sportacus's smile and Stephanie is  so cute! <3  you always do a wonderful job.  <3 <3 <3