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I know I have been sinning a lot this day, resulting me to cry always this day too...I'm feeling sad for how many things lately...or I've been crying a lot lately...I'm so sorry guys, I know you're my friends...but my TRUE FRIENDS...the reason why I'd cry a lot if I lose have I done...I-I'm really really sorry for what I have done, I've become different, lately I supposed to think before any action I am going to do, but now...I'm doing the action without thinking...and the result is breaking up a relationship...*sigh* and also Gabuscus...I'm really sorry for pulling your chair when you tried to sit, blindfolded...:icontyrantaur123: you should not be the one who should change...I AM...I HAVE TO CHANGE FOR MY OWN GOOD, I'M THE ONE WHO'S BECOMING INSANE....AND I SHOULD PREVENT THAT...I WAS EVEN TRYING TO HURT MYSELF EARLIER BECAUSE I WAS HAVING FUN WITHOUT THINKING, THEN I HAVE SINNED...I ALMOST TRIED TO HURT MYSELF, BUT AT LEAST SHIAY TOLD ME TO STOP IT...BUT I STILL CRIED AND CRIED...FOR FRIDAY IS THE SORROWFUL DAY...AND THIS IS THE DAY I HAVE BEEN SO SORROWFUL, THOUGH I LISTENED TO THE MASS, THOUGH I UNDERSTOOD IT...I STILL CRIED...WAITING TO FORGIVE MY SINS AND BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE LORD AND ALL OF THIS SORROW WILL BE WASHED AWAY...I've been a fool...I'm becoming dumber and dumber...and I prayed to God that

I would never be insane, I would never be this person...THIS PERSON IS NEVER BEEN ME!!! SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO STRUGGLE TO CHANGE, BUT I HAVE TO CHANGE MY HEART THE WAY IT WAS...I WOULD STRIVE TO SURVIVE IN THIS DARK DAYS TO FIND THE LIGHT AND TAKE IT BACK! I WOULD CHANGE FOR THE GOOD FOR ALL OF US TO NEVER BREAK UP...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IN THE GROUP....I really am so sorry to Gabuscus, to Davealot...and to you...what Zoe said is real..and here it proof...I'm trying my best not to cry for this one because seeing you...makes my heart melt and cry...and it would affect my feelings....TAKE A REST OF YOUR STRUGGLES...I'LL DO THE WORK...IT IS I WHO HAVE TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER...

Heart of hope by syberOFangel
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Submitted on
September 4, 2015