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Childhood Friends by ShinjitsuForever

At first, we were just classmates, he was so naughty, obviously...I would be his opposite, I study and do good for my family. Years later, we did get to know each other, we even became friends, maybe like good friends. There was pme time I cried because of a certain another classmate of mine, it's so rare that the boys are the ones helping me to be happy again, even the one who led me down, I think...just maybe...he was the one asking me what would make me happy, and they did the thing that would make me and the others happy, laugh at each other.

This year, it's been so long since we've seen each other, so we became friends again, but this time, best friends. This zone doesn't always last long because when I saw him in another place, I felt my heart beating...slowly...and I can't breathe a lot, I have to inhale a lot of air and oxygen at that time...and, I was sweating with no reason, I was not running around, or the place was not even hot, I just sweat in a cold place.

When I told my friends at camping about this, they said...I was blushing, and blushing is related to love of somebody else outside of your clan, relatives or family, like in love by bumping at each other accidentally, or meeting a stranger, or a friend of a friend, or even just by your own friend, and I just admit it that a part of me fell in love with him, my own childhood friend.

In the whole camping, they want me to talk more about him, even when classes resumed, one of my classmates forcefully made me spilled the beans, even worse because he was beside us, then when I did, he knew it, I just broke what my mom said "don't spill the beans or he'll play the fool", and I spilled it, but he didn't play the fool, he's always been so funny, his reaction was just a neutral face, an awkward reaction, he just continued what he's doing, and I cried, but when he noticed it, he just told my classmate to not to force me again because it would just hurt me, since they've been forcing me to talk about him since from camping.

It's alright, after he knew about it, I'm still fine, it doesn't mean our friendship was broken, I've been in the friendzoned thrice now, and I just don't care about it, I'm still focused on my studies, and I'm still around with my friends, even my childhood friend whom a part of me fell in love with.

There are just times...I don't want to let go of him, and I really don't want to give up on him, at other terms, he's my happiness in my life, he's just unique in happiness, naughty but smart, playing the stupid but good, part of his mind may be dirty, but I know half of it is clean, he got a round of friends both male and female, naughty and nice, nerd and geek, stupid and smart, he knows how to adjust in such ways, I think this is the reason why a part of me loves him, and I already know we're going to separate in High School, but I just really want to see in the future for friendship, if I can see my old friends again and time gives me a chance to see him again.

See you soon once again...Gabuscus...
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Submitted on
December 16, 2015