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Boy, I’m being tagged by one of my senseis, :iconemmonsta: uhh...

1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged ( nope, too much, just 6, like Emmonsta, please )
3) Choose 12 people (ahahhh naahhh)
4) Legitimately tag these people 
5) You can't say you don't do tags ( ‘^’ )
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!!!! (pls don't... ‘n’ )

1. Where do you get your main inspiration from?
=>Main inspiration of what? Nah, just kidding, if I got a crush, my inspiration goes on him, but it won’t beat my inspiration that came from my friends, but even more inspiration comes from my passion of the things and the people I love so much, as I just mentioned. If I get so much hype from a certain show or like, one of my favorite characters having such a vibe or epic ness or awesomeness or coolness, I start drawing inspiration from that, in any way, so not only in arts.

2. What styles appeal to you most?
=>I don’t appreciate the really big eyes in anime much, I don’t also like drawing real faces cause it takes too much time and blending, what I appreciate or the style that appeal to me most is a mixture of the two, something realistic but still having a cartoon face, no, I’m not talking about 3D neither.

3. Have any favorite aesthetics? Name a few~
=> 😐😐😐...nature...just...nature...

4. What shows are you watching/ catching up on right now?
=>Well, I’m putting Rick and Morty under my suggested list because...I swear to you Gabuscus! You insult my favorite r watching it with no satisfaction, I’ll insult yours too 😠😠😠 no offense to the rest who watches Rick and Morty though, it’s just my friend’s becoming a real jerk 😒😒😒. Shows I used to watch were Bomberman and Gravity Falls. Shows that I watch now are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... ( I’m warning you Gabuscus if you insult me again ), Star VS the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and Miraculous Ladybug.

5. Play any games? If so, are you looking forward to any that are coming out later?
=>Let’s see, there goes Bendy and the Ink Machine, waiting for Chapters 4 and 5, there goes Hiveswap, waiting for Acts 2, 3 and 4, boy I can’t wait! And, I’m thinking of playing the Dark Souls Gabuscus gave me, around the summer.

6. What are some of your favorite book series?
=> I watch the movie series of Harry Potter, not the books though, sorry...and when it comes to books, I read factual books more, like the Encyclopedias and some books about our world or Astronomy, sorry.

7. Have any hobbies outside of drawing/ writing?
=>Does Soap Carving count? I kinda like Biking, but does that also count? 😐😐😐

8. Do you do art more for fun, or do you plan on a career off it?
=>This question is just on time for my rambles! I am equal on both sides, I do it for fun, for my passion, for my inspiration, for all to let loose through the mighty pens, just wanna let out my feelings, my passions, my inspirations! I just can’t help it, I think it is my destiny! And once I grow up, my number chosen career is involving arts, either an Art Illustrator or a Comic Illustrator, an Editorial Illustrator or better! An Animator! I’ve heard someone in DA was chosen for a job in Animating under Nickelodeon, which in fact, gave me such high hopes and inspiration to become one! Some of my relatives doubted me for what I’m choosing since not much available jobs of this certain career is in the Philippines, it’s more available abroad, but my parents want me to work abroad, so, why can’t I just go what I want it to be? I’m depending on the future on how far I’ll go, but I’m making it happen in the present so I can reach that goal!

9. What’s your favorite animal?
=>Oh boy, tough a pet, a Feline, as a soul, Wolf, as a myth, Phoenix, as a symbol, an Owl. Don’t ever ask this question unspecified again...🤯😫😐

10. If you could keep any animal as a pet, what would it be?
=>According to my friend’s test...I’m fated with the Turkish Angora, don’t you dare fight me.

11. What about Mythical Creatures? It can be from anything~
=>Did mention it, a Phoenix, the symbol of Rebirth!

12. Any suggestions/ recommendations for anything?
=>Meh, just keep it up with your school stuff, I’m also dealing with mine Un_n, only an advice...don’t let procrastination get to can feast on your Focus and can ruin everything, I swear procrastination! You ruin my day! I’ll just be patient with the next part of your comic Em, Patience is a Virtue 💙💙💙.

Now here’s my questions:
1. Do you have a crush on someone? Be honest now.
2. Any weird acts you’ve been doing lately out of nowhere?
3. What’s your Phobia and what’s your Philia?
4. Do you know memes? If so, what’s your Top 5?
5. What type of genre of music do you listen to often?
6. Do you embrace Focus or Procrastination?
7. Are you a cat or a dog person?
8. Who are your senpais?
9. How is your life going? Explain in 3-5 sentences. 😁😁😁😅😅😅
10. What’s your real name? 😏😏😏
11. Who’s your favorite character of all time? Overall favorite, in books or shows or games. So pick only one.
12. What’s your Monthly Zodiac Sign? Do you love your sign? If not, which sign do you wanna be and why?

:icontyrantaur123: :iconestories: :icongzstudio: :iconmusicfirewind: :iconvavacung: :iconzarla:
I choose you!

Hope that satisfied you
I am serious with this, just...every single 3rd quarter is the busiest and I can also consider it as "The Project Month", and I realized why now, we got one 2 months for the 3rd quarter, November and December, and one month later, December, will be our 3rd Quarterly Assessment or Quarterly Examination, therefore teachers are getting our grades more with the projects, and it seems like they're not taking turns on each subject, cause projects are being handed to us altogether.
School: Projects
MAPEH => Parol making, Christmas Tree Making out of Plastics
Scouting => Make a Pillow out of Recycled Materials, especially Plastics
English Month => Work on the Bulletin Board
Right in between those would be the Performance Tasks, which still acts like mini projects to us...and I'm having a problem with my Filipino PTs, one more grade down and it's final, I feel like I'm gonna be out of the outstanding students and my parents are gonna kill me, especially with the fact that my procrastination had just been rising as I grow up, unlike before, I was so active to finish off my projects, I'm just becoming lazier as how I was last Grade 6, probably because of the influence of my classmates and on the class I'm situated in, there's no pilot class anymore, students with different talents, skills and IQs are being merged into one class and it affects me, our section is considered the worst and I have to deal with it, so does the teachers when they come in to our classroom. Well, on the bright side, it's actually unbelievable that there are more honor students in our class than the section teachers usually compares to ours...but back about the projects, I have a problem on my personal side as well.

I only got a few months to finish my personal projects, deadline is February 14, 2018, yes, VALENTINES DAY, I am making a huge bunch of special arts and poems for VALENTINES DAY, but with these projects and my procrastination around, I can't make much of my personal projects and it's stressing me out, it's stressing my brain out...
Personal Art Projects for Valentines Day:
=> Intro
=> For Friends
=> For Family and Parents
=> For Teachers
=> For my Dearest Crush for 2 years now ( F%$&!!! )
=> For Singles
All written above will be presented with both Poem and Artwork, I will post them on both Facebook and DeviantArt for everyone to see, but the deadline is closing in and I'm worried of every project that I got, both school and personal, and if I work on the art one more, I'm still procrastinating, if I work on the school projects more, good enough, actually great! But I would have no time for the ones I've thought of already and it would make me so sad TnT I have to find the balance...but I would have to take my procrastination away first, but how? you guys know any motivation? Or any tips...I'm pressured...

And I almost forgot I'm part of the competition of Battle of Brains held this December...hahay...

Well...I hope I can find some motivation to stop the procrastination for a little longer
stress stress stress 
Hope you guys have better months than me...Un_n
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Yeah...I'm putting this's pretty long 😅😅😅

Sonorous Note is the son of one of the famous musicians in that world, his ancestors were all known, filled with pride, confident and strong, even his brother, Diminuendo Note got the feelings, Sonorous does not have those, he was the total opposite from everything the Notes had. He's shy, weak, and anxious of everyone outside of his home, he's considered as the ultimate loner. Because of his negative feelings, his dominant color does not show upon his hair nor eyes, it was all just plain black. Though all those oppositions he had, Sonorous remained to be very creative with music, his mother taught him to play the violin, and he developed the skill over the years, until eventually, he's a master of string instruments, but his anxiety remains. Everyone thinks he is all alone by himself, no friends and all, no one to talk to at school other than his brother, but he got himself, his own shadow, living from Sonorous' negative feelings. Sonorous had no other name for his imaginary friend but just "Fear". Every time Sonorous talks to his own shadow, everyone thinks he's the craziest Note ever, until there was this test on how they use their creativity as a weapon of choice and to defeat their own fear. Everyone had hilarious reactions and weird tactics or probably even epic ones, as expected from everyone, Diminuendo was the best. When it was Sonorous' turn, he was too scared, and his fear, was his own self, his own negative emotions made him feel this way, his own thoughts built up his own anxiety, therefore he has to face "Fear" himself. With every blow, with every verse, with every beat, Sonorous was too weak to stand up, therefore everyone stopped seeing him as a Note, but not until Sonorous actually did something while he was beaten up, "Fear" is just someone linked to his emotions and his mind, Sonorous sang through his mind all that time, therefore he passed the test, though "Fear" was not back to his actual self as a shadow, he remained to be, somewhat a ghost or a phantom. "Fear" almost exactly looked like Sonorous, but more edgy. When Sonorous was recovered from his injuries from that test, everyone started looking at him with great hopes, everyone thinks he actually have the great potential in him, but he just does it secretly, and because of these words, Sonorous felt a bit much better than before. His brother is a pianist, part of the club of Pianists in that school, therefore he went to his brother's club room to check him out, and there he saw his idol, Melody Forte, not that famous, but was very talented in playing the piano. He always listens to Melody's work, always inspired to make a song out of the compositions Melody does, but if he does, he's too shy to show it to her. He always brings his record player just in case if he times up with Melody's turn to play the piano, he records it, and tries to make a song out of it, and yes, Diminuendo knows this, and he tries to help his little brother to achieve his inspiration. While working on the song, Sonorous felt a sense of negativity, the sense spread all over his room, and eventually, he saw the source, "Fear", back again, but more like a phantom. "Fear" explained to Sonorous that all this time, he was always hiding behind his back, like a typical shadow, but then, there were changes, not only his appearance but also...there were three set of chains tied around them; two by their hands, and one around their necks. Like, they're both bound for life, but anywho, they just tried to deal with the fact with the chains and stuff, though the struggle between them is real because whenever Sonorous will move surprisingly, "Fear" gets dragged like hell. Whenever Sonorous goes out to school, "Fear" is there, and everyone goes like "who the hell are you?!" "Fear" doesn't mind much though, he's pretty edgy at the time. Due to this, Melody was fascinated of the two being chained with each other and wants to know their story about it, Sonorous is pretty lucky, now...let's say..."Fear" is a shipper, so basically, he's just behind them squealing all the time and if he can't handle the feels much longer, he pushes one of them nearer, and...yeah...was that awkward??? I don't think so, hehehe.  After a while, Sonorous and Melody had been talking and became friends, they never knew in the first place, they were both intrigued by each other, had common interests and really had that strong feeling to meet each other, and they had this opportunity, great thing they took it, they became friends, and Sonorous was so happy like never before. Of course, Sonorous showed every song he made that derived from his inspiration towards Melody, she's so amazed of his creations, frankly, that just made them closer. Diminuendo and "Fear" are being at the background squealing XD. ( blah blah Shinjitsu stop blabbering too much detail XD ) yeah...well...skipping to the part where there seems to be like a show in that school of theirs, show of your talents and such, any form of talent, think of it like "America's Got Talent". Sonorous was very, very nervous of the upcoming event, as expected, he's still shy as ever, but...well...before that...he was performing on the stage...but no audience, and he was magnificent, well...Melody did saw that happened and...she's amazed by his talent. She went in and applauded him, when he saw her, he was so happy and felt more relieved for what's coming up next. When it was time to finally perform, he closed his eyes, played his violin gracefully and just held a huge orchestra in the place along with the others playing with him. After that, everyone cheered and Sonorous felt very happy, so happy, that he feels positively different, as a matter of fact, his hair showed streaks of blue by the tips of his hair, but as a side effect, "Fear" was filled with despair as he noticed he was fading away, just like every Umbral Phantom among people who were once weak who grew up strong as time flies by. Sonorous was not ready for this, as his happiness faded to shock as a reaction to "Fear" fading away. Sonorous cares for him because, all those times when he was alone, he was the only one he talks to, all those threats actually lead him to this better future he have now, and now, he doesn't want to let go of him, never, ever. But there was no other option, to save "Fear" himself is to go where he came from, the Darkness, and he bid farewell. Once a happy moment didn't last for a loss had occurred at the same time. In "Fear"'s perspective now, he is inside the Darkness, where he was born out from, he sees different Umbral Phantoms just like him, some were like crippled, some lost their arms, some lost all their limbs, some were only just heads, this happened because they were starting to fade quickly. There "Fear" lived, all alone in the wretched Darkness, no one to talk to with comfort and fun, he was in Great Depression. Well, not until some sudden noise from the outside came in, the Darkness was a huge monster in the face of many, the Umbral Phantoms are inside this monster. Sonorous and the rest came in, people who were like him joined him, they all reminisced of their own shadows ever since they were younger, they all knew they were a part of them, and they would fight to have them back. Every Umbral Phantom inside this monster were inspired, filled with great hopes, "Fear" stood up, and was the first who made the first blow internally of this monster, and the others followed, inside and outside were blows of huge waves, pierces and slices and lines of magic, and with the guns of Sonorous and "Fear" at the same time, it was the final blow. The strife was successful, and the monster was gone, to hell it absconded. As Darkness was gone and every Umbral Phantom found hope and joy, they were no longer Phantoms, they were exactly like the people who they came from, yep...they're now Twins...hehe...that explains it. From that one final blow, Sonorous gained more charisma and confidence from the fight, all the inspiration and good memories he had, led him to find his true self outside from his heart, it was let out, he was meant to be a different kind of Note, he was given with great potential in him, not through pride but through inspiration, creativity and hope. His hair turned to a blend teal with a huge pile of green, his dominant color, even his eyes turned green, well then, "Fear" got the dominant color of blue. Both felt like new people, and both were so glad they were fine and saw each other once again, no longer chained, but through the same blood, they're twins, opposites and at the same time like-minded, and they both know they need each other. Well...since "Fear" is no longer a Phantom, he changed his name to Sonorous' original name, cause "Sonorous" was actually just a nickname, therefore "Fear" changed his name to that => Gammarax Note.

Fair Life

I have noticed something new

Even though it is a thing I already knew

Things are beautiful because it’s their nature

Let’s try to preserve it with love and help it nurture


Things are beautiful

 Because of life’s balance

It shifts from positive to negative

And repeats itself in such brilliance


Things that are alike usually repel

There’s nothing to discover and therefore quarrel

Things that are different usually attract

They may fight but they love till their hearts never attack


It is common for the positive to have a need for the negative

It is common for the viability to go down to an expiry

It is common for despair to fade and change to a prayer

It is common that those who are ugly got a heart of beauty


From what I just typed in, right above

It indicates that life is fair, not just love!

Life gives fairness in many ways

Mostly it gives out in general, everyday


What I mean is…life is not only being fair to you

Life is being fair to everyone including you

Though everyone thinks “this is not fair at all”

It’s actually the way it should be…for the balance not to fall


The way on how the balance of life acts

It’s natural, like karma and all sorts of stuff like that

This is how life balances everyone simultaneously

It looks at both sides of the story, both the heinous and the integrity


As said earlier

Opposite things are meant for each other

Without the other

The balance would be shattered


That’s why this world have a negative thing always

It is an important one for the positive to remain stable everyday

With the positive things in unity with the negative ones

The result is ultimate beauty, like this world, better appreciate it before it’s gone


Not only Earth is a beautiful planet or a nice place

It’s also everything else, from the people to the cosmic space

Everything in our unfolding universe is beautiful

Because of the vast darkness being filled with different lights, just…simple

And not only the universe have light in the darkness

Even an individual’s heart can have this

It’s either a cold one being melted with fire

Or a very dark one with a little spec of luster


Every man in the abysmal void always need the aid of that light

Even a little one is a great help, that would be a friend or a bloodline

You may say you don’t deserve a person who is too loving for you

Loved ones are always there to help, and bid that dark feeling adieu


This significant, simple thing of positive and negative shifts

Is already beautiful itself, no matter the consequences

This is how life teaches us with the righteous fairness

It points out that times we need the dark side to balance ourselves and see the brightness

Hey guys, I know I promised something what I did since last December, sorry all ya Homestuckers, I'm just too busy over school again, it's every 4th Quarter, at least, this is the last quarter for this school year, and then another year next school year, *sigh* life of a student, gotta deal with it, to achieve one's goals and dreams in life.

I hope you guys can understand this situation on how focused and busy I am right now with this quarter, I even got a project to make, and the problem is, I procrastinate too much by looking at random, funny videos at YouTube, listen to some cool and awesome music or chat with my friends, not noticing the time I have been wasting all my time for the project, example, I wasted 2 hours of it.

Another thing is, I know I am so tired, usually weekends, I wake up at about 8:00 or 9:00 AM already, welp, today and a few weeks earlier within the 4th quarter, I woke up at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. That's how tired I am and I want to take a long rest from everything going on, but no one's ever totally free, so, I'm determined to continue and finish the 1st Year of Highschool.

Gotta go!
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Hey guys, it's school again, and the 4th quarter, like last year but harder cause, Highschool, Highschool I say, and it is the last quarter, I am working on 12 drawings at once, they're all digital and I'll be posting all of them at once, I'm stuck at the 8th, my family don't like drawing the Homestuck trolls cause of their horns, they say they're demons. I tried to convince they're just alien trolls who got those horns, but they got more terrified seeing Terezi's since she's blind with red eyes and sharp horns, so, they are preventing me to draw them, and now I'm stuck at Vriska. I'm so sorry if I haven't been posting in a while, but I swear every Saturday I'm on checking on DA, you'll know cause of the favorites and comments I did on others' artworks and comics. Again, I'm sorry, I promise I'll finish those trolls up till Feferi Peixes, whether anyone is interested or not, it's fine with me, cause it's in my heart's desire, so I'm still doing it, even though they say th fandom is fading, NOPE, we just go GOD TIER!!!

Homestuck is just coming back baby!
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Ok, first of all, since my iPad ran out of storage and I have nothing else to delete anymore, my iPad's gone crazy and mad, when I just newly turn an app on, it goes back to the Home Center then the same process again and agian, and sometimes it takes so long for the app to obey me at the time when I'm already going to shut down my iPad or even close it via multitasking, *groan*!!! And by this, Soundcloud is doing the glitch thing I meant up there and when I search a song, it also does the same thing, blackout then go back to Home Center then I have to undergo the same process again, Osu! Stream by far is the only one doing so well, all other apps don't like me anymore, not even Photos, Sad Foxy Animated Chat Icon 

And also talking about this, I'm not able to make any more Digital Art cause AUTODESK IS ALSO BEING A HUGE FUCKING FUCKASS BASTARD!!! When I start to draw something and it's already in the middle part when it really, really looks nice already, it suddenly stops, then goes out, when this happens, it's either fine or not, but when this one happens: I'm going to save the sketch file already, it suddenly stopped, through multitasking, I closed the app, when I turned it on again, the sketch file corrupts and when I discard the changes and go back to it, I have to make a new one again cause the sketch file corrupted, and because of this happening all the time, I FREAKING DON'T WANT TO DRAW DIGITAL ART FOR NOW!!! Annoyed :bademoticon:  ( I met Homestuck, and Karkat's just the best even though he's so mad ) 

And so that would be the reason why I haven't been posting digital art now.
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I was asking that because I just got some few names of the other fallen humans, and it's because I also care about them, I'm one of the part of the UT fandom that cares about the other fallen humans, so here's what I thought:

broken heart  Broken Determination ( Evil LOVE ) - CHARA
Heart 3D  Determination - FRISK
small heart - light orange          Bravery - LOCHE ( From Wilyart, the creator of Insomnia the Undertale comic )
Yellow Heart Crystal  Justice - BUSTER
Green Heart Icon  Kindness - ???
Blue Heart Icon  Patience - KARA ( I just thought that Chara and Kara are twins in my dream, and I just agreed to it )
small heart - darker blue         Integrity - KEE ( From Wilyart, the creator of Insomnia the Undertale comic )
Purple heart  Perseverance - ???

So, can you guys help me what will be Kindness' and Perseverance's name??? Please!
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Ok, as it says "Graduation", TBH, I'm not graduating college nor high school, I'm graduating elementary, I saying, I'm still a 6th grader graduating to become a high school student, so...I'm still very young, I'm still 12 years old, DA DON'T BLOCK ME! MANY OF MY FRIENDS HAVE SEEN THE WORLD THOROUGHLY, SO DO I! SO DON'T! I'M 12, NEARLY BECOMING 13 THIS OCTOBER!!! So, my birthday is still October 21, but the year is 2003, ok...*sigh* sorry 'bout that...I still got my achievements and my talent. Please, don't take it the wrong way, I'm not a person full of pride, arrogance, ignorance and bad influences, I'm a good one, I'm being humble here, if there are times I sound like the bad traits, let's just say, nobody's perfect, we always make mistakes, the only perfect person is the True God Himself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, so now about the part of the Graduation Day, means...Enlightenators and the Feather Friends are now flying and fading itself away, it's just gonna be in...our minds...our visions...we'll miss each you saw the latest 7 deviations I've posted last two days ago and updated it last night and this morning, I'm giving those printables to my friends, right? the end of the graduation, we're going to take a picture, our true squad picture, I should see to it that Juvia and Karikati should be there, they were not there from the last two squad pictures we've made, so this time, everyone should be present to make it complete, and I could see their faces everyday after the graduation...we'll do it together, and my father will picture us together, friends and family, what a special day it would be! But at the same time...I would really miss them...HEY! 


May all of you have a blessed Holy Week!
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So, aside from that remorsing feeling I just had, I also felt happy during the Yuletide Season, with my family, seeing the fireworks during New Year, having Noche Buena and Media Noche. After all the continuous events that just happened, my dad and I went to SM Cebu and went to the Cyberzone, and so when we went in to the Samsung Franchise, we were looking at some Samsung Galaxy versions and one had a stylus and an app saying "Autodesk" when I opened it with the stylus, there's a previous drawing from a previous customer, it was so good, I tried to draw on it too, and it looks truly digital as the ones I would always see from my favorite DeviantArtists ( except for Kyoichii, he's too good ) and so I continued the drawing I just drew on it, some customers saw me drawing and they whispered some comments on how I draw, one of them said "She's so good", well, I actually noticed it in a manner that they didn't notice my reaction to what they said, I just continued it, but as soon as I finished it, I had to leave already, but luckily, I now have a brand new stylus bought by my dad for me and I remembered the name of the application. As I got hom, I searched for "Autodesk" via the App Store in my iPad, then, the result was a bunch of them, they're actually a team who made these awesome applications for arts like the one I just downloaded "Autodesk Sketchpad" then there's another which is the 3d arts for 3d artists/ sculpturists, others where for plans in work, I really love it. And when the app soon finished downloading and installing, I tried to draw with my stylus again, and it turned out great, but when I tried to color it...seems so bad, so I deleted it. With the same process on another drawing...I colored it again, and I just found the right way on coloring, drawing, sketching, highlighting, adding shadows and reflection/ gloss of the eyes, from one step of this pro app, I just found out the right ways on how to sketch things purely digitally on this app, and I'm starting to draw another one. Somehow Tyrantaur told me something about her imagination, she drew mine, and I'll try to draw hers, this would be the first comic I would make...
I'm so sorry for December that I didn't grant a lot of all that I had planned like Enlightenators, a Christmas Special, Zakura <3 ( one of my classmates who wants a commission of her similar o those of Karikati, Zoerina, Gabuscus and mine ) and to check on DA. Well, it is because, whenever my dad comes back here, he always goes out of the house with us, he takes us anywhere we like or anywhere he likes to, so, during the Yuletide Season, we went to Tops, Bogo City, SM Seaside City, Robinsons Galleria, pretty busy at travelling and also plus my homework on writing for school, I was from page 98 and the target is page 126, and I did finish it by January 2, 2016. And I just said 2016, Velated Happy New Year and Christmas and Epiphany! So, delayed, really really delayed...
Childhood Friends by ShinjitsuForever

At first, we were just classmates, he was so naughty, obviously...I would be his opposite, I study and do good for my family. Years later, we did get to know each other, we even became friends, maybe like good friends. There was pme time I cried because of a certain another classmate of mine, it's so rare that the boys are the ones helping me to be happy again, even the one who led me down, I think...just maybe...he was the one asking me what would make me happy, and they did the thing that would make me and the others happy, laugh at each other.

This year, it's been so long since we've seen each other, so we became friends again, but this time, best friends. This zone doesn't always last long because when I saw him in another place, I felt my heart beating...slowly...and I can't breathe a lot, I have to inhale a lot of air and oxygen at that time...and, I was sweating with no reason, I was not running around, or the place was not even hot, I just sweat in a cold place.

When I told my friends at camping about this, they said...I was blushing, and blushing is related to love of somebody else outside of your clan, relatives or family, like in love by bumping at each other accidentally, or meeting a stranger, or a friend of a friend, or even just by your own friend, and I just admit it that a part of me fell in love with him, my own childhood friend.

In the whole camping, they want me to talk more about him, even when classes resumed, one of my classmates forcefully made me spilled the beans, even worse because he was beside us, then when I did, he knew it, I just broke what my mom said "don't spill the beans or he'll play the fool", and I spilled it, but he didn't play the fool, he's always been so funny, his reaction was just a neutral face, an awkward reaction, he just continued what he's doing, and I cried, but when he noticed it, he just told my classmate to not to force me again because it would just hurt me, since they've been forcing me to talk about him since from camping.

It's alright, after he knew about it, I'm still fine, it doesn't mean our friendship was broken, I've been in the friendzoned thrice now, and I just don't care about it, I'm still focused on my studies, and I'm still around with my friends, even my childhood friend whom a part of me fell in love with.

There are just times...I don't want to let go of him, and I really don't want to give up on him, at other terms, he's my happiness in my life, he's just unique in happiness, naughty but smart, playing the stupid but good, part of his mind may be dirty, but I know half of it is clean, he got a round of friends both male and female, naughty and nice, nerd and geek, stupid and smart, he knows how to adjust in such ways, I think this is the reason why a part of me loves him, and I already know we're going to separate in High School, but I just really want to see in the future for friendship, if I can see my old friends again and time gives me a chance to see him again.

See you soon once again...Gabuscus...
Hey guys, I'm feeling fine, so I'm not sick or what, but the twisting feelings I'm getting is from Gabuscus, I'm like falling in love on him, so, you can say I'm admitting it already, and he already knows I have a crush on him, till now, he's my childhood friend who became smarter and nicer and also funnier, before he was so naughty and he said he didn't love studying that time, this time he really want to study to be inside the overalls, but he's still lazy at times that he's in rank 30 right now, and I'm in rank 4, too far, eh? Well, I'm still feeling he's my friend, a friend the same till the end, he's just the way he is, and because of the fact he is just the way he is, he does not pretend in all times, that's the reason why I also love him, and Karakati has been fangirling on me since she knew it about this, so, she somehow have some kind of stairs that leads from level 1 to 10, it's not something on how you are on your grades or how you feel, it's the Stairs of Love somehow...*sigh* I just can't stop Karakati to keep on doing that, I'll just let her be on it, so, she said:

Level 1 - Strangers
Level 2 - Acquiantances
Level 3 - Childhood Friends
Level 4 - Besties
Level 6 - He has a Crush on Me
Level 7 - Highschool Lovers
Level 8 - Girlfriend and Boyfriend
Level 9 - Engagement/ Marriage
Level 10 - One Family/ Children

So, somehow, the bolded text is where I am right now, I'm in level 5, when he knew about it, well, he just gave me an awkward reaction, Karikati said it almost looks like I've been friendzoned, but I'm not giving up, I just know he's the one...I do love him...because of just the way he is...the guy I've been looking for...
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The title means, there's still a 3rd and 4th Periodical Test to be done for me, so this is a reason I didn't post a lot already, I'm studying hard and I was trying my best to be an early bird in all projects and activities being done this quarter, 3rd quarter is the busiest, 4th quarter is the most intense one, topics are getting harder, more rules to follow, more guides and and information to bear in mind. Another thing is, I just accepted my classmates' suggestion: to color Enlightenators, I'll try my best to post it up this New Year or New Year's Eve, there are just a lot to do, and one of them also said that I'll do themselves individually too, and I planned it out digitally, I'm starting to finish up mine, then follows Gabuscus then my other friends to my Adviser Teacher this Grade 6, it's just getting busier and busier and I need to go faster and faster and study harder and harder. That's about it, I still have to continue study Computer.
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Yup, at school, I always chase Gabuscus for "Play Hard", but what about for "Work Hard"??? School's back, the reason why I chase him down the hallway, and our adviser teacher ordered me to draw some drawings which is involving today's month of November's event, the English Month. At first, since she said I'll drew Sunset's face, well, I didn't notice she'd post it in the Bulletin Board, so this time, I drew drawings which is involving the English Month Culminating Activities, like Singing in English, Reading, Declamation, Acting in English, those are what she told me to draw, but I refused for declamation/stage play, since acting seems better. I just finished Reading, featuring the English Month's motto for our campus, "Embracing the Challenges of Change through English", the word "English" is at the bottom while the other words are behing the inkling girl, yup, that's right! The character who's reading is the Inkling Girl from Splatoon! I also included the Inkling Boy wherein his role there is he is the one who painted the motto and the word English with a giant paintbrush, only for the word English, ok...I also wrote it in a Splatoon font, but I just searched it through the Internet, not really the letters, but it said from Splatoon anyways...I just followed it, now it is posted in the Bulletin Board. Today, I have to draw the one which is Singing, and the character would be Zoerina, I remembered you haven't seen her OC yet, I'm so sorry, I couldn't get enough time, I'm not like Gabuscus, finishing unfinished drawings, I just get a lot of ideas then forget the old ones...this is the reason why I wanna ask them through FB at the time of sem break, but THEY'RE ALWAYS OFF!!! ( Davealot & Zoerina ) And also, discussions are coming and notetakings arre taking over, same too as assignments and projects, and there are a lot of projects to be made in the later time of the 3rd Quarter, the quarter of worst...anyways, I would be really focusing on school tasks like these and step away some distractors for awhile since it is the 3rd Quarter, which is for me, the hardest quarter of all time. It's also clearance signing for the 1st semester, I've been signed for like 5 subjects now, supposed to be 6, but I noticed my mom didn't sign her signature on it, so, NO TO MATH!!! BUT I LOVE MATH!!! WHY?!?!!?! But, I'll be signed in Math tomorrow, hopefully, but I'm worried in English, I haven't finished level Purple on our SRA! Teacher said we need to finish Purple, it was time for the start of MAPEH and the end of English and I was supposed to start the last booklet for Purple, and Gabuscus was about to finish checking, WE BE WHINERS NOW GABUSCUS!!! ( P.S: He's really good in English, he was chosen for the Spelling Bee as our representative! But I also wanna be on the Spelling Bee again...welp, he's also good though, more like better than I am n_n ) and, perhaps, that's all, I hope you have a good weekday and for students yet learning in schools, have a great semester...oh, and may the Lord always protect you! God Bless you All!
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Though I haven't been posting in awhile but this school year features the best backyard/outdoor camping ever!!! Well, this camping is only for girl scouts, so Gabuscus and Davealot aren't there, they would be tomorrow but to be said, me, Tyrannie, PrisTimTim and Zoerina aren't gonna be there. The camping was from 6:30 A.M to 7:00 P.M, so, it may be tiring, but nothing in my body's tired, I might be resting my eyes later after I check my account. First, we were logging in for the camping before we go there, but then the next in line in front of me was writing in diagonal style, so, there's not much space for the others, but, they said they don't care anyways until they saw how much "diagonal" it is. Next was when we built up the tent, I never knew there would be another one, it was so good that we have another one for our bags and other things so that on my tent would all the patrol members. Next was we were doing the tree planting, but suddenly, I thought the Patrol Scribe was called for the 2nd seedling but it was the Patrol Second which is the Leader's Assistant and I'm the Patrol Second, dayum I have to climb the stairs back up again and it was so tiring, I nearly felt losing my ventilation, I felt my pulses on my neck and my heart beating so fast, then after getting the plant I went back but also asked the staff for the fertilizer, but they do not know where it was placed, so, we just planted all the seedlings with no fertilizer, and all of us have to go back up, WHILE I WAS GONNA LOSE MY VENTILATION AGAIN!!! When we got back up, we were changing our Type B scouting clothes to working clothes, something's funny about it because when we were changing our clothes, other members from the outside peeked in, never noticing we were changing, so they saw us in bras, ( dayum son, WHY?!?! ) In the time of making the banner, since our Patrol name is "Poltergeist" so the leader suggested me to draw a creepy looking clown, and she'll color the face with the eyes like a demon, and I suggested that its borders would be knives dripping with blood and use my charcoal pencil and spreader to design the font of the patrol name and the background of the clown, then she said that I'll also add some hands which is red for like dead people holding the glass at the time of their death, the problem is, we didn't bring any paint, so we just outlined some of our members' hands and colored it with y red Faber-Castell color pencil, and it worked, but looks more like a muscle, but she still thinks it's awesome and the clown, she said she love it at the same time, she's scared of it. While we were making the layout and the scrapbook, we were talking about a topic which our leader is always feeling the feelz because...because...they want me talk about how's Gabuscus and do I have feelings over him, not fantasy, as in IN REAL LIFE!!! WHY?!?!??!?!! I LIKE AND LOVE HIM AS A FRIEND, WHY DOES NO ONE UNDERSTAND THIS AGE SO YOUNG??!??!?!?!?!?! But still, a part of me admit it, I feel he's like 2.5, 2's I love him as a crush, 5's I love him as a friend, so it's 50, 50, I dunno, but...there was one time yesterday, I saw him while me and my family were buying the things needed at home and at the camping, and I heart...was beating slowly...but beating much pressure over my blood...and I was sweating for no reason, I wasn't running, and it wasn't hot, this is the first time I sweat in a cold place, maybe...just's because I saw him, today, I told them about it, and they said I was blushing, and I remember the information of blushing, it's just the same of the event happened, and I was "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!" Screaming all over the hills...strangely we were camping in the hills, hm...Of course, other than those topics and talking while doing activities, we were actually also playing some few games to enjoy, though we didn't win any, as long as we're having fun, and one of the fun times was in "Ball Relay" because one of our members which is the 2nd Cheer Leader, she just kicked the ball like goaling in soccer, it went far from the line! And in "Longest Line" I'm so young to forget things that I forgot I was wearing my belt, cap and headband, I could have just took it off and put it by the line to reach the other two...T_T Seriously?! WHY ME!!! At night, we were so worried since here is so hazy, the moon's phrase was full and the color's yellow, it's a bad meaning once it glows and shows like that, it means that there would be monsters like werewolves, wolves and flying vampires would be out on these kinds of nights, so we were so uneasy and nervous, but I prayed for the myslef and the others to have a safe journey heading back home that what they say is not true, well, at the first, I'm so glad they made a giant statue of Mother Mary! Though it's not finished in painting, but as long as it is finished in sculpture. So, that was all, I can't really summarize a lot, my summarizing essays are still so long either, heh. This would be the best one, another thing I wrote this is because I don't just wanna show my experience, but to save and remember the good things happening in my youth, I'll be here in DA in ages, if I want to, we didn't bring gadgets, only the monitors/teachers, so, for a remembrance, I'll see this journal in DA.
I've been having different kinds of birthdays lately, this one was the best at the same time worst, so, neutral. Best for with my family and friends at the same day and worst, the section's really noisy, no one heard me saying please be quiet, and i said a harsh word and one of my classmates take back the real feeling, a pain in the heart, really hurts emotionally. But, anyways, I'm glad in the positive side my family and my friends greeted me happy birthday it's been ** years of existence already and my family and friends even greeted me through FB and I noticed :iconcoolcreativegirl: also greeted me through DA, I'm so happy with my birthday and I wish I'll be happier in this life. I'm still searching for my true friend who makes me happy, I've found Zoerina, Gabuscus and Tyrannie are, they're the best I've ever met, and I hope, we'll remember each other though we have separated, I know one day we would meet again in the future if we separate.
Hey, guys, how's it goin'? I'm gonna be a little out of DA for awhile, like posting, because I was picked as a leader for our group to the group project, and this project is making a book out of art materials, and the information inside the book needed to be complete, like it needs the Table of Contents, Glossary, Index and so on and so forth...I picked this book as a book filled with stories, but its title of the book is "Mga Kaibigan sa Lahat ng Panahon" which means in English "Friends in all the Ages" which the stories I have to write should mean about Friendship, first gone well and it was about Friendship and Forgiveness, I thought the next as Friendship and, I'll be busy writing stories for the project, I'll only be here in DA just to look at the Notifications for awhile, I'll be back after I'm finished with the busy schoolwork right now...Have a Nice Day!
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Those who are anime, and even more, Attack on Titan fans...can you not try to laugh at this? I think it's easy to survive...but I think AoT fans will be a bit offended...

First try is good, but since I'm done..I really am laughing...even that part when Eren was having a conversation with his mom about Armin...if she will jump off the bridge...
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