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Zakura by ShinjitsuForever Zakura by ShinjitsuForever
FYI, this is the continuation of the Enlightenators in individual drawings.
Here is Zakura~ <3 she is a chihuahua, she chose to be, she is also the princess in her own kingdom, her name "Zakura" naturally comes from the word "Sakura" which means "Cherry Blossom" in English obviously, the reason why her hair and eyes involves with the name, the heart at the end of her name is used as "chan" there's a heart because she has a beautiful heart to everyone around her, though she may put pranks and jokes to others.
I'm still not mentioning names, ok?! Anyways, she has black hair and she plays Tetris, as in, she is called as "Master" at her level because she is level 75 while I am level 21 which the level's pseudonym is "Artist" in fact, I am an play Tetris together though our levels are so far away, I only beat her once yet, due to a KO by the end of time and I won, she didn't get a KO unto me by the ending, she didn't get it fast, and she did not let herself lose intentionally, it really was a fair play, except for the first round, she used final rush and she's higher than me?! It should be me using final rush, not her! And another thing, she does put jokes and tricks to us, like she lets me dance without me noticing there are students getting inside already, she knows  don't wanna dance in front of everybody, I only use my confidence for showing my drawings, singing, reporting and some recital reasons like last year's piano recital...she's also one of the best of friends in my list, we're good, we're great, we're fine.
Hope you like this human chihuahua!
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January 23, 2016
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