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Witch of Space by ShinjitsuForever Witch of Space by ShinjitsuForever
This is Jade Harley, the cutest one of all, but just be careful when she gets mad, I swear she'll slap you so hard. Pretty amazing a 13 year old owns a rifle, but that rifle is actually from her grandpa, who just died, even before the game session happened, so she lives alone in an island with her guardian dog, Becquerel, who got sweet powers of teleportation. She also looks quite nerdy, but if she loves anime instead, you'd call her a major otaku, what do you call someone who loves anthro people though? She also loves squiddles, little plush toys of cute squids. She is the Witch of Space, there's a reference on her leg to feet part as a witch, Wizard of Oz to be in fact, because she wears black and white striped stockings and red shiny high-heeled shoes and she's a witch, so, get the reference. If you're interested in reading, I'm not explaining how she ascended into an anthropomorphic girl-dog. Her powers are to shrink and grow objects into different sizes, as you can see at the sides, even planets, her powers have exactly no limit when it comes to space.
The planets are:
Blue and gray - Land of Wind and Shade ( John's )
Blue and Yellow - Land of Light and Rain ( Rose's )
Red and Gray - Land of Heat and Clockwork ( Dave's )
Green and Gray - Land of Frost and Frogs ( Jade's )
Checkered with a hole in the middle - the Skaian Battlefield ( Ascension and Prospitian vs Dersian War )

I own nothing
Jade Harley Floating icon  and Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie

Hope you like it!
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November 5, 2016
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