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Wind Chaser ( Caste AU ) by ShinjitsuForever Wind Chaser ( Caste AU ) by ShinjitsuForever
Well, sorry for uploading late, was on a rush for the deadline of the keychains, sadly it only turned out I could only give four out of eight or 1/2 of what I’ve planned, so I only gave four of my friends, the other 3 will be like a Belated Happy New Year gift, the other one will be mine.

This is Wind Chaser, also known as the Rogue of Breath in general terms in Homestuck ways, I just call it Caste for people to make it less awkward though, or, I dunno, Homestuck fans know this so yeah, this is the Homestuck AU. This is for my friend Ashley, she is amazing, she has a nice sense of leadership, though partially, she doesn’t realize that fact.

This was the one with the most effort I’ve made, cause of the bow and arrow, yes...I used references for that, to the references...and Andrew Hussie of course for the Rogue outfit and the color palette of the Breath Aspect...anyways, this took so much time, starting with the hair, then the eyes, then of course the bow, these three took the most time and effort I had, and it was all worth it, she loved it, her face was priceless! 😂😂😂

References such as the outfit belongs to Andrew Hussie
Since Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie of course
The bow and arrow also had their respective credit, it’s a reference, but I used a different color and added a few more designs to it.
Ashley is my friend, and Wind Chaser is Ashley in the Caste or Homestuck AU

Hope you like it!
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December 20, 2017
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