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Watching Nature's Beauty by ShinjitsuForever Watching Nature's Beauty by ShinjitsuForever
( This is actually real, I remember him saying this )
Gabuscus: In this camping grounds, this is my favorite place...
Shinjitsu: *this is his favorite place too?!*
Well, I actually finished this weeks ago before his birthday ever came, his birthday was yesterday June 17, and I uploaded this late because I also sent this to him at night and I almost completely forgot about it until my aunt reminded me yesterday was Friday, and I remember Gabuscus' birthday was on Friday, so, at least I still showed it to him, he said "Thank You"...:D (Big Grin)  and the scenery, that really is his favorite place in the camping grounds ever since we camped there in Garde 4 and so on during High School too, but I never knew that's his favorite place too because, that's actually also my favorite place in the camping grounds since Grade 4, I never knew that yet because girls and boys are separated in days but the same camping grounds, like first girls then next are the boys, for elementary, then the same process for the high school. I knew that because of the Recollection during Grade 6, after eating lunch and before going back to the Recollection, I saw him and the others sitting by the place where I used to sit everytime if I want to spend some time alone or if I feel gloomy or bored, and there I heard him say that that place is also his favorite place in the outdoor camping grounds.
The colors looks transparent to the background because I have no choice already if I'm going to continue this drawing. First of all, Autodesk is starting to corrupt the new sketch files I just made, and if I save it, I will lose my patience later on cause the saving lasts for long minutes now, and if it's still saving and I'll close the app, and open again, the result will be an error-looking drawing and when I exit the drawing and press it back again, I have to start again. So in the first corruption that happened, I just copied the background which wasn't corrupted, which is the scenery and I pasted it on the new sketch file. On the second corruption, I took a picture of the finished drawing from the gallery and used it on the Color Effects app, the old app that I used for drawing digitally, or more like traditionalxdigital drawings. So that's why the colors seems to be transparent to the background while the lower part, which was unfinished, has light lines and colors, except for the tail at the very bottom part.
Once again Gabuscus, Happy Birthday to you
Sollux Overdrive Sollux Overdrive ( So what? I just knew Homestuck and Sollux is Gemini, as in that overdrove guy and Gabuscus is Gemini )

Gabuscus belongs to me bestie.

Hope you like it!
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June 17, 2016
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