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Vriska Serket the Thief of Light by ShinjitsuForever Vriska Serket the Thief of Light by ShinjitsuForever
This is what they call the badass character, seven eyes on the left, one eye on the right, 8 eyes in total, a total spidergirl. I don't know if I should like this or not, like for how I made the wings look and her diamonds and sword, and also the Light symbol on her left eye ( reference from [S] Terezi: Flip ) and for dislike cause of how I made her chest so huge, well, more likes, so, just a like.

This is what I meant by the difference between the Sylph and the Thief, since their outfits on the top almost look similar as well, that's why I made a difference on the Sylph's outfit, and remained the Thief's, here's the thing, the hanging cloths of the Sylph are up front of them, meanwhile the Thief's is behind them, also, the Witch's hanging cloths are actually the hood of the Witch, it is being divided into two, observe Jade's Witch of Space outfit and also Feferi's Witch of Life outfit. So basically, it's like the Sylph's a collar type, the Thief's a cape type and the Witch's a hood type.

Since she is off light, I tried to make every single thing in there shine, the diamonds are shining, the Light symbol that appeared as her luck on her left eye is shining, even her sword is shining blue flames. ( reference from one of Terezi's Mind Visions before she killed Vriska )

The only reference I got in this is all from the canon comic itself.

So, hope you like it!
The references and [HS Icon] - Vriska: FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT  belongs to Andrew Hussie
I only drew the fanart.
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March 22, 2017
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