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Unbalanced Balance by ShinjitsuForever Unbalanced Balance by ShinjitsuForever
First of all, these two are the only ones of their kind, the only Ink AU and the only Error AU, since you know why I thought of that? Because I saw a comic involving these two, I've seen and heard about Error! Sans, but only saw drawings and images of Ink! Sans, now, with that one comic, there I found out that Ink and Error are the only ones of their kind and they were born or created in a void no one knows, which I might think of it in those Ask Error! Sans series, it's the Anti-void, and with that, they were created when Undertale was created, when Toby Fox created Undertale, they were created by other fandom creators, but considered by others as the only one, and here's something interesting to that comic, it says that if they have met sooner, they could had been friends and agreed to each other on how will they do their own work, as a Creator and Protector and a Destroyer and Taker. From that one comic, I searched more about these two, and there's another comic involving Ink going to the Swap universe, "Starry Eyed" and I just said it before, I also just found the blog of "Ask Error! Sans" and last night, I just read the whole story about Error Sans, involving his past on how he gained the blue-tear-like strings on his eyes. I just knew the UT fandom better now.
Ink! Sans serves as the Protector of Imaginations and Alternate Universes of Undertale only and also some sort of a Creator to things, he has his own comic called "Starry Eyed" it involves Ink Sans coming over to Underswap for Underswap Sans accidentally spilled paint all over the place and, woosh! There Ink appeared from the spilled paint. Right now, the page ended up in the part where Underswap Papyrus attacks Ink Sans by hitting him to the wall, resulting Ink's skull to crack hard. Another thing, I don't know why the creator of Ink! Sans puts his eyes differently, the right eye is Sans' bad time eye, but with no black pupil, and the left eye, it varies in different symbols every time on how he feels, I tried to research what's Ink's left eye when he's mad, but seems like it's still the normal star eye..."Starry Eyed"....uhh...
Error! Sans serves as the Destroyer of Alternate Universes cause he thinks they are accidental made glitches in the multiverse, thinking there should be only one multiverse alone, and he also serves as the Taker of AU characters, like in the "Ask Error! Sans", the featured ones are Underfell Sans and the original Undertale Sans, the new main one is Underswap or mostly known as Blueberry Sans, and there was one more which was Chara and he just took Underswap Frisk for nothing, or was it US's supposed to be Chara, not Frisk...maybe that was UT Frisk mysterious and suspicious Error...really suspicious...anyways! Error is not much a bad guy or a negative one, he's just alone and wants someone to talk to, that's why he took Blueberry, Underfell and the original Sans, he just needs someone to talk to, that's why there are these askers to ask him in the anti-void, he's just so alone, it's just so silent, all he needs is a friend.
If Ink just knew what Error really needs in the anti-void, they would be instant besties, they just have to set aside their differences and look at each other that they're actually similar, they were created as the only one, they have no realm but the white void, they have their own way of aking themselves fun, they are alone, they need a friend, they need someone to talk to, they are like the yin and yang, even though he's a creator and the other's a destroyer, they can just think it through on what realm Error will destroy, and Ink will just create another one, even in any step the original realm, Undertale does, Ink sparks an idea of a new AU, Error destroys the old one and that is not much liked to us real peaple. If they knew each other, Error wouldn't be that bad-looking to others, Ink wouldn't misunderstand Error's destruction of realms, they would care and agree each other, no matter what about the differences, they were made together in the first place anyways

PS: Core Frisk's story was like the original Frisk, but she just can't stop resetting to make new friends again and again and again, until she realized that what she's doing is selfish, and when she realized that, she reset once more and she didn't return to how it seems like, she vanished into the void similar to Gaster's.
I do not own any of this...

Undertale - Ink!Sans Emoticon belongs to :iconmyebi:
ERROR!SANS AU Icon  belongs to LoverofPiggies

The comic that I saw, inspired and the reason why I knew about these two is this.

Hope you like it!
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