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The Pride of Valkyrie by ShinjitsuForever The Pride of Valkyrie by ShinjitsuForever
Meet the pride of the dragons' kingdom, Valkyrie
( Left ) Rafiscus aka Brobuscus - he is Gabuscus' older brother, both here and IRL, he's a pure water dragon, water dragons have water transluscent wings and at the back is scaled, their tales are scaly as those of sirens and fishes forming later U's, you can relate that ear is like Undyne's ear, but with scratches, he's weirder than Gabuscus and IRL, he's kinda shorter than Gabuscus technically...perhaps...yeah...

( Middle ) Nike Marimus Gabrias - in fantasies, I just made her an adopted sister for these two weird dragons, IRL, she's not, she has her own family ok, I just included her because her real name is just the same as Gabuscus' but here I just changed it to Gabrias for the female version, I think you may know what's his real name now...and another thing, she's a pure fire dragon, she plays cool all the time to be with her cool circle of friends and she bonds the two brothers, the both of them always fight, well, IRL, uhm...better not mention it or he'll see this...for female fire dragons, their wings are pinkish-purple and the outer bony layer is red, her ears are similar to those of Gabuscus' but with no scratches, she wears glasses all the time, she's kinda smart but has a loud voice, sometimes louder than mine, the fire dragons' tails are scaly too but forms a letter V.

( Right ) Gabuscus - you all know him as my best friend, the younger brother of Rafiscus and less weirder than his brother. His circle of friends is us, the feather friends, and some boys, even the boys who are in high school or 3-4 years older than him, could be his brother's friends too. He keeps the bonds of friendship in his own circles/ gangs, he's half water and half fire dragon, for a reason why his tail's scales are forming the letter U instead of the letter V, the scars in his and his brother's right ear are caused from their brother rivalry battle, at least Nike came in to their life and stopped fighting now ( FANTASIES!!! REALITY THEY STILL FIGHT IN SOME TIMES!!! ) Gabuscus' left ear is scratched by some other battle by a bully. Male fire dragons' wings are red, outer bony part is black, his is special cause there's a blending at the end with red, well, royalty and uniqueness it is.
As I said, I'm not gonna make such long descriptions now, only some specific details I'm gonna put in here and I think that's about it...yeah...
The characters there belong to their rightful owners, Gabuscus belongs to my bestie, Rafiscus belongs to his brother and Nike belongs to my classmate in Grade 6.

Hope you like it!
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May 21, 2016
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