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The Furious Dog and the Gentle Cat by ShinjitsuForever The Furious Dog and the Gentle Cat by ShinjitsuForever
Guidestuck time, here comes Becquerel Harley and Jaspers Frigglish Lalonde. The Homestuck fan-comic/ one of Homestuck's AUs known as Guidestuck really got me, here's a little synopsis of it.

Guidestuck is fan-comic based from the web-comic Homestuck, wherein the guides or guardians of the main kids and trolls, become the main stars now, like:
In Homestuck, Becquerel is Jade Harley's dog who can teleport anywhere and is her guardian, the only guardian in her little island starting from the time her grandpa died.
In Guidestuck, Becquerel Harley is now the lone teen in this little island and he only got one companion left, his little dog Jade.
So this is basically the same with the others, down from Bec to Jaspers, going to Quinn Egbert and finally Cal Strider.

Any Homestucker sure knows what the quadrants means, anyone who doesn't...lemme explain, the heart means love itself, the spade means hate itself and the diamond means friendship forever. That being said, this drawing is dedicated to the fact that these two are best friends who live in far lands from each other, now Jaspers, the man in black, is in love with Bec, the one in a striped sweater, and Bec hates Jaspers partially...until the time Jaspers killed Jade with Bec's bed accidentally...

You may call this "yaoi", ok, cause it is, refer to the one temporary GIF, right over here.

Okies, hope you guys like it!
I only drew the fan-art
Homestuck belongs o Andrew Hussie
Guidestuck belongs to Scarvenrot
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April 29, 2017
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