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The Duo ( Cover ) by ShinjitsuForever The Duo ( Cover ) by ShinjitsuForever
Lemme tell ya about this, my friends already knew I draw digitally since the Foundation Day ( February 14 ) and I printed "Sans' Megalo" and "Wrong LOVE" two days ago and Zoerina saw the both of them and want to have "Wrong LOVE" while Gabuscus want to have "Sans' Megalo" and guess what, I did give those to them since they really want it. Gabuscus asked me to have my stylus because his stylus is thicker than mine and he feels more comfortable to draw with my stylus, but I said no, because I only have one stylus and I also need it for me to draw the strokes of the lines and colors properly.
Now, the point of this cover is that Zoerina asked me to draw a cover for her story that she's gonna bind it all to a book, you know, like Wattpad books, I refused at first, but she keeps on begging me, so what, I'll just accept it.
So, this is how we worked it out, I only have to draw the whole thing, while she gives me all the information, about the girl and the boy and she mentioned to put a zgzag border in the center, at the left would be the girl and at the right would be a boy, she designed the boy's jacket on the information while for the girl, I only searched the leather jacket through the internet. She mentioned the background for the girl would be pink, but to add more style, I added some little light pink bubbles, but you can't see it because I adjusted its contrast, and also some black diagonal lines, and for the boy's side, it's obviously gonna be blue, but I also put some gradience at the right side, a sky blue gradience, so it means the bubbles should have a different color and the only thing that came up to my mind is red, I'm not as Gabuscus that he can determine which colors should be used perfectly, Zoerina and Gabuscus are better painters of colors in pencils than I do traditionally, while I'm better digitally, maybe...dunno with Gabuscus...anyways, I also added some violet, wavy lines in connection with the black, horizontal lines. Now she put a lot of information about the girl, some dorky/ square-like glasses, hazel eyes, brown hair with gold highlights, heart-shaped earrings and necklace, leather jacket, white shirt inside, skinny jeans ( light denim above and black below ) and sneaker shoes, the shoes...sayang ( sayang is actually like spoiled food or wasn't used ) for the boy, hairstyle would be like anime Gabuscus but dark brown, no highlights, light blue eyes, leather jacket ( I made it denim as hard as I could, though it's not in the information sheet ) with the letters "CH" at the left ( as him ) like in a varsity, she put the word watch with double underlines, so...I just kinda put a watch, and he would also have skinny jeans, well, with no specific color, so I just made it gray. Oh, and those filmstrips at the sides, I just made it like that, looks nice. She said the title "The Duo", its font would be bubbly, so that's what I did, but I kinda put some spray paint ( which I use for highlighting and shadowing ) behind it which is purple.
Well, that's kinda all, I'm just gonna post this so that I can print it and send it to Zoerina, hope you like the cover anyways!

All of its information, the two there and designs belong to Zoerina, I only drew the whole drawing from our imaginations.
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March 4, 2016
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