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Tavros Nitram the Page of Breath by ShinjitsuForever Tavros Nitram the Page of Breath by ShinjitsuForever
Well, legs...Gamzee...just take him already

And here is Pupa Pan, he's just adorable, though I could not stop looking at those majestic legs...I think I made them looks like a girl's ( ? )...

I was taking some double choices on what would be his weapon of choice, usually he goes with the Lances than his own Flames, I wonder why though, so, I chose the one that he used to attempt to kill Vriska, I guess, I do not recall anymore. Yeah, and I guess it was called Cigarette Holder? I only remember those words, but yeah, this lance was also the Sn0wman have, that cigarette of hers that suddenly turns into a huge Lance, so mystifying and suspicious.

Also, I just decided to merge the two things, though the fire on his left took me a lot of time to draw that, I tried so many experimenting, I did it in another canvas instead of another sheet, I have limited sheets so, I did it in a separate canvas and pasted it to his hand on this canvas, I say, it looks so awesome and pretty, it was worth the shot.

And those curly lines at the side, umm, that's the wind, XP, sorry for the misunderstandable thing. ( I know I just made up the word "misunderstandable" )

Hope you like it!
tavros  belongs to Andrew Hussie
References, especially the designs in the wings, belongs to the rightful owners.
I only drew the fanart
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March 17, 2017
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