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Sunburst of Starlight by ShinjitsuForever Sunburst of Starlight by ShinjitsuForever
[ SEASON 6 ]
Season 6 was out and here's my fanart to the final episode of MLP FIM Season 5, the Cutie Re-mark, and the first episode of Season 6, the Crystalling. On how I observe these two, I'm part of the fandom that ships Starlight and Sunburst, but these 2 in this here fanart, they're still children or better much foals, but don't expect that I'm going to make a fanart of the two of them in a relationship, no, I'm not, I still have a lot more traditional drawing left unfinished, and I'm sorry, the one I drew on traditional media is FriskRiel, so the relationship fanart is inside the Undertale fandom, not the MLP fandom, sorry about it, and the other traditional a comic..."The True Chara"...if I'm finished with more pages, there's a possibility I can post it here, scanned or not.
As said in Starlight's backstory, Sunburst earned his cutie mark by levitating falling books with the knowledge he learnt from those books, there in the present, he's now the Wizard of the Crystal Empire, so I agreed to the thought I must put the levitating books here, but to consider the fact, this is actually the first time I have to color magic digitally, so before putting magic into its final lines or result, I experimented the tools and the colors for me to make the magic look cool. Well, in the experiment it worked with two layers, the other the horn, the other the whole magic, and the magic was blended in linear burn, but in the final ones, the blending's not there, since I only have to use a maximum of 3 layers, and I already used all 3 layers for the background, the colors and the final lines, so, I just put some gradience of yellow on Sunburst's horn and for the colors, there I put a light yellow spray paint then I added vibrant yellow wavy lines, then I put one more light yellow spray paint and one orange spray paint, and the result, it looks even way better than the experiment I did, and so I did the same process the two books, it was kinda hard, but it looks amazing.
Based from my observations on my own unfinished drawing, this drawing only, it looks weird that I drew them like adults/ teenagers instead of kids or foals, but when I started coloring them, now I see they really are kids, I just can't wait to see my idea visually and now I did. About this, I just actually remember how Tyrantaur123 draws her versions of girls being boyish, because many think those girls are boys and she laughs with or cheers with it that her drawing style is gender-confusing.
All rights goes to Hasbro and Lauren Faust, the company and the creator of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic

Hope you like it!
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April 16, 2016
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