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Sonorous and Gammarax Note by ShinjitsuForever Sonorous and Gammarax Note by ShinjitsuForever

Hey guys, sup...I'm back... 😅😅😅

Well...hmm...this drawing seems questioned to most's from my imagination...ok...I'm gonna start explaining...

I based these two dudes from my best friend/ moirail ( yes, promoted as moirails XD ) Gabuscus, as I thought of different universes too, this one belongs to a universe wherein creativity is the dominant word, or a power of some sorts...any kind of creativity works there, even Music and the Art of Aerobics and Gymnastics.

In this case, as you can see, Sonorous Note ( right ) is someone of music, but I made a story for these two dudes eventually while I was sleeping greatly and had this nice origin story dream once again. 


{ After Making this Huge Thing }

Oh my gaaaasssshhh, people are definitely not reading that XD, I'm pretty sure of it cause damn, that's so long, that's why I'm putting the link above as a journal entry instead 😂😂😂. Well, if you did read that...well...I dunno...if you guys say something like...a criticism to me...please don't make it too harsh's my first time saying one of my dream stories out loud in the social media/ to reality. I don't usually write these down, I just remember it, and I don't usually talk about these kinds of dreams of mine, so...yeah...I don't even know if that's good enough for you guys, cause it may sound cliché...I guess??? Pretty much...

{ Credits }

The characters are based on my best friend

They're not my OCs ok, when you know, I base it on someone real

And umm...I made up that random story 😂😂😂

The "base" came from my best friend; the design is made by me

Well, hope you like what I just randomly did 😅😅😅

( I love this drawing... )

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July 31, 2017
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