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Sollux Captor the Mage of Doom by ShinjitsuForever Sollux Captor the Mage of Doom by ShinjitsuForever
As Aradia is the Listener of the Dead, here's the Listener of the Doomed. The Predictor of Doomed Trolls, People and Timelines, he sees it just right through his psychic eyes of the color's Red of the Fire and Blue of the Chill, both universes, his own and the kids'. He was meant to be doomed by his inevitable fate, to be blind an become a blind prophet and be of great help to his surviving friends and become half dead, together going through it all with the so alive, Aradia Megido, enjoying his life as a blind, hearing no words of the doomed and seeing no predictions of becoming doomed, no more. Umm, I think I said too much... < this is what you get for falling for a Gemini, you Libra > ( geddit ) { yes, I think you know it anyone who knows me or saw it }

Anyways, so, here's this red and blue psychic, I'd start to call him "chickboy" for having a bunch of trolls for falling for him in every quadrant, I swear...I think it's because he just looks charmingly nerdy.

I just used a bunch of lightning scribbles or, I guess, angular and platonic scribbles ( ? ) as his power, and also, every troll I drew in here who wear glasses, like him, I put the transparency to, I guess, 70 or 80%, so that the eyes can still be seen.

I know canonly, those designs on his God-tier outfit are not supposed to be there, but I saw one dude drew it and it looks too awesome and cool for me to handle, so I just used the reference and there, to notify which is a Maid and which is a Mage anyways. I even just noticed the Sylph and the Thief got some similarities in having two pieces of seams of cloth are hanging down to their shoulders, either front ( Sylph ) or back ( Thief ), so I tried to make a difference, and you'll see Kanaya's yourself, that has a major difference in it as well.

The wings actually took me some double choices again on which to follow, the canon or the bee design, I chose to go with the bee design, cause it looks more like him and looks 20% cooler than the one in canon. Same as Tavros', I forgot to mention that Tavros' wing designs, I got it from a cosplayer's work, those designs were awesome, I give two thumbs up to that guy.

Oh, and his hair...umm...this is my old style on drawing him, though those two large hair-stick-outs, I still put that there up till now, cause, why not? I like it...

I love his pose in here, like a real Gemini X3 ( <3 )

Hope you like it
Mmmmm Sollux  belongs to Andrew Hussie
The references, like the designs on his wings and his outfit, belong to the rightful owners
I just drew the fanart
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March 17, 2017
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