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Shinjitsus by ShinjitsuForever Shinjitsus by ShinjitsuForever
This was one of what I was doing a few days back after my fever got away...
I did something with my intermediate pad for something that kinda look like a cover, and I'm even trying to color it now...too bad, I didn't picture the last one in Grade 5 because, I didn't have a DeviantArt account at that time, and had no idea I'll picture my drawings...
Mostly on this one are OC's and game characters, I think one gamer and one movie character is there... I chose them to be some kind of elemental warriors, but, act more on humanity instead the ones that look really serious or fairy-looking ( sorry Zarina )
the kids ( teens what I supposed to meant... ) here are: ( I'll mix it up who belongs to too... )
Dashie Agility D. Loyalty ( belongs to me )
Neon D. Danger ( belongs to me )
Sonic C. Dash ( belongs to SEGA )
Jimmy J. Casket ( belongs to VenturianTale )
Korbyn L. Jumping-Eagle ( belongs to Madame Macabre )
Aerial Ace F. Lightning ( belongs to Vavacung )
Nightcore S. Fury ( belongs to me )
Zarina M. Salvage ( belongs to Disney )
Zachery V. Myth ( belongs to me )
Felix H. Volt ( belongs to PewDiePie (( because that guy's pewds )) )
Cerise F. Hood ( belongs to Mattel )
Snowdrop B. Frostbite ( belongs to Silly Filly Studios )
Christopher S. Brave-Fright ( humanization belongs to me, original, G. Freddy, belongs to Scott Cawthon )
Sally N. Secret ( belongs to VenturianTale )
Dark Nyx S. Night-Dreams ( belongs to Pen Stroke )
Absentia L. Scoot ( belongs to Aurora Dawn )
I believe that's it...see ya...
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