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Sans' Megalo by ShinjitsuForever Sans' Megalo by ShinjitsuForever
And by what I meant about Undertale...pretty awesome, especially the mysterious and powerful, lazybones SANS!!! I love and like his puns so much, especially once Papyrus is gonna be in it, have you seen a comic when Papyrus tries to make a revenge knock knock joke on Sans? Yup, definitely laughed at it, hilariously, I've seen tons of comics of those Skelebros at YouTube, why there? Dubs, to be more nice looking, even some animations of Sans like Sans VS Flowey, how powerful Sans is, but he only got 1 HP and 1 Defense?! Not to mention, although he's really powerful, he's still weak...that's for being a lazybones....some comic told the fandom why he's powerful in the first place, though it's only a fan comic, I trust its point and story, "Anamnesis" is the title, you can see lil' Paps and kiddo Sans, and plus the Mad Scientist and the Skelebros Father, WingDing Gaster. According to the comic, Wingding gave Sans a Determination Pill, containing 3 percent of a human's soul's determination, when Sans took the tablet, he felt different, he was coughing and made a large thud against the ground, his father suddenly attacks him if it truly works, Sans went mad and blocks his father's attack, even the special/ strongest attack that he got, the Gaster Blaster, Sans just blocked it in one guard action, but, at least he's not a psychopathic father, he stopped and spared Sans, well the good thing on that pill is it made Sans powerful, bad thing is, Sans' health went to 1. 
Welp, that's about it, I hope you've seen Undertale and like this character too, I would really like you if you're a pacifist, a psycho who went with the Genocide Route first and enjoyed it? NOPE!!! You're dead to Sans. . .
Littletale Sans Icon  belongs to Toby Fox

Handuya Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Student General Artist
Looks good tho I gotta say it doesn't seem right don't know why just a feeling 8/10 is what I rate it and skriller hagonas, what are they you might ask, dunno, just wanted to say it because why not
ShinjitsuForever Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Heh, sounds cool to me
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