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Rainy Days by ShinjitsuForever Rainy Days by ShinjitsuForever
This one is the based IRL one. It was already dismissal and it was raining very hard because the typhoon just came in, I was walking all over the school campus and highschool building with my purple umbrella in the grasp of my hand. My skirt, my shoes and my socks were starting to get really wet, I was waiting for my aunt and my bro to arrive and pick me up. I kept walking and walking, looking at each part of the campus to spot my family, then I rested nearby the stairs to the 2nd floor at the highschool building, the floor was pretty wet to be honest, but I just stood there chilling out, then he came down the stairs with his best buddy, I looked at him, just stared in the glare, watching him laugh with his bud, his bud told him that his trip's already there, so he ran, but went back, looks like his bud tricked him again, now he's really wet, his best bud laughed hardly, and just went out. He was still there standing beside me, I think he didn't notice me watching him all the time, that was plain awkward, plus points of awkwardness if he noticed. I was holding my umbrella tightly already, then he went off, then so did I to the opposite side where the new canteen's located. I felt very awkward after that happened. Then there at the quadrangle, I saw my aunt and went home, but I still can't stop thinking of what just happened.

The girl is me...
The boy is G...

Have a nice day, hope it ain't this wet.
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November 5, 2016
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