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Presto Anthony ( Genderbent AU ) by ShinjitsuForever Presto Anthony ( Genderbent AU ) by ShinjitsuForever
Well, this was since December, and I haven’t been active in DA lately since the 4th quarter at school had started and things are getting real intense than last year due to the early recognition and graduation coming on the final week of school since Holy Week is starting early this year, and so I’m pretty worried of my grades last 3rd quarter because I failed a PT...after such a long time...since Grade 5 I failed at, I gotta focus more and procrastinate less.

So, this is Presto Anthony belonging to the Genderbent AU, he’s basically PrisTimTim if I were to make it clear if it were in this universe...even though...PrisTimTim ( the name ) belonged to the Fantasy AU...
...uhm, ok, her real name’s Pristina, I guess that’s obvious, and yeah, I’m revealing names sometime soon because Tyrantaur, Gabuscus and I are having a 3-artist collab and we’re using our real names on the paper...well, on mine...the 1st round...I dunno with the other two, it depends on them...but I’m sure Gabuscus is also going to use our real names...

This is one of those keychains designs I created for Christmas at the time, and this was the last one of the first batch, I discarded the rest because it’s getting too complicated and I better stop because school’s already in as mentioned.

Hope you like it!
( the cat is a Persian Cat )
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