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Nepeta Leijon the Rogue of Heart by ShinjitsuForever Nepeta Leijon the Rogue of Heart by ShinjitsuForever
Alright, so the Low Bloods are off, let's now go to the Mediocre Bloods, starting off with the cutest shipper of all, Nepeta Leijon. Would ya look at that, she's giving you all the hearts, haha, heehee, hoo hoo ( Homestuck AU reference ).

I actually took a bunch of references for this thing, what she wears, her claws, her wings, the color of her clothes, everything from top to bottom, oh and also to make sure the Heart symbol is on the facing the right way. I saw the wings somewhere, it was from a GIF, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere here in DA, but, I do not know who the artist is, I give thumbs up to them, so awesome, but I guess I made the wings so huge, like how they said about Karkat's, it's huge, well, I'm part of the fandom who thinks it's huge, not very small.

I like to make Nepeta look like she's shouting out "ROAR!", like the typical lion would do, so, that's what I did as well, and there goes the claw references.

To be honest, I took a bunch of time over this, especially the fact that there's a tail, I thought I was overthinking about this, hmm, I think so up until now? Meh, I don't know about that. All I know is I took a lot of time for this, I guess 3 days? Well, approximately at that point. By finishing this, I am so happy with the result, she looks so cute!

Hope you like it!
References belong to artists, in DeviantArt and in Pinterest.
Nepeta Icon  belongs to Andrew Hussie.
I only made the Fanart.
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March 22, 2017
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