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Moirails by ShinjitsuForever Moirails by ShinjitsuForever
Kim so sorry for posting this very late, as you can see from the date I finished the drawing, this was supposed to be for Valentines Day and yes, I forgot to post it, so...umm...I posted this on the Recognition Day instead.

“Moirails’” is a Certain Homestuck term Homestuck and the comic itself use, it can be referred to as best friends, so, I refer my best friends this way.

For the Valentines Special, I posted this on my Facebook page and also accompanied it with a poem, I’ll jot it down here too...sorry again for being so late, I was busy with school, especially with the last quarter.

Things may come and things may go
Some goes fast and some goes slow
Few things last that’s all I know
But Friendship carries on through the ages
( 🔝 reference from a song 🔝 )

We all have different kinds of friends
Silver and gold, genuine and fake
Fair weather friends
And some just give a headache

In a cruel world such as this
It’s hard to find friends to trust
There are some who just pretends
And hit you from your back

One can tell you found a true friend
If they are loyal and trustworthy till the end
Not only that, but also very kind
And they’d listen to you with an open mind

Unlike fake friends
True friends can’t let go of one another easily
Because you cherish all of your precious moments
Deeply and heartily

Once you have found a true friend
Don’t take them for granted
In the meantime, have fun with them
To have a friend is to be one

Well, hope you liked it, sorry again 😅😅😅✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
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