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Mituna Captor: 533 N0 3V1L by ShinjitsuForever Mituna Captor: 533 N0 3V1L by ShinjitsuForever
1'D B3773R R15K MY P0W3R5 0F P5110N1C5 70 PR073C7 MY FR13ND5 FR0M 7H3 GR347357 D4NG3R5 7H4N 70 PR073C7 MYS3LF FR0M 17

Beforan Pre-incident Mituna text style ( for better reading ):
II'd BeTTer rIIsk my powers of psIIonIIcs TTo proTTecTT my frIIends from TThe greaTTesTT dangers TThan TTo proTTecTT myself from IIt

Ok, so here's the thing, I got the style and how the incident happened from the ask blog "A2K THE TWIIN2" which is an ask blog about Sollux and Mituna, the two Gemini trolls of Homestuck, their father Psiionic was in somewhere else, involving the baby gemini trolls or Solgrub and MTgrub. So, his shirt after the incident, is not that shirt in the drawing, that shirt in the drawing is his shirt when he was in his planet Beforus and at the time before the incident happened, his hair, umm, I just made the hair when he was already brain damaged by his own powers after the incident happened, I know I kind of misplaced the bloodshot lines of his eyes, it was supposed to be at the top of his eyes, but the fact that his hair is long there and so the lines can't be seen, so I just transferred it at the bottom, later on, those will be removed on the future Mituna drawings.

The incident was like this, I'm just gonna put some of the details, SOME, because I can't think straight about it, I forgot some parts of it, k? Ok, the incident was kind of involving a meteor about to crash at his place with his friends, kind of like Latula and Kurloz were specifically there, so, in order to protect them and himself, he used his powers to push the meteor back to outer space, but the meteor was too big for him to handle, so he used all of his powers to the greatest limit until he can't take it and fell and got his brain damaged acting like a different person talking like this, 33337HHH7H7H!!! YUO 57UUU11PP111D FUKKCCKK333RRR!!! Well, I can say that that kind of text is really hard to read, and also it caused his eyes to bloodshot with streaking lines around his head, and he may never know how to use his powers again, but there's this thing which is canon, he still remembers the thing that his matesprit/girlfriend is Latula Pyrope and for eons they've been staying that way and for Kurloz, they still remain friends, but something's off with the two, Mituna is lucid with Kurloz, from all of them, he's really lucid with Kurloz, means, he can control his own self back again with him from above all the others, with Latula though, there's a tiny bit hint that Mituna can also be a bit lucid with her. So that's what actually happened, poor Tuna...

Mituna Captor and the rest of Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie
The Beforus/Pre-incident Mituna style kind of got it from that guy in the ask blog "A2k The TwIIn2"
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August 20, 2016
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