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Love or LOVE? by ShinjitsuForever Love or LOVE? by ShinjitsuForever
I'm so sorry that I updated this so late.
Back off you half-watched/played Undertale lovers! These dudes ( except Flowey ) are a major spoiler to the True Pacifist Ending, you better go to another deviation, or if you can handle spoilers, then read the description thoroughly.
I mean, Flowey is the underground's prince, so, now you understand the dialogue he mentioned when you spare Toriel, "I am the prince..." and so on and so forth, of course, we just didn't know, we just think he's bluffing since he's just a tiny flower, he can't rule the whole underground like that much easily for a tiny flower, heh, but don't get me wrong, he IS the prince of the underground, the son of Asgore and Toriel, Asriel Dreemurr, Chara's best friend, and the fallen prince who reincarnated as a flower. By "God of Hyperdeath" or the one by the top left, ehh, too much to mention, figure it out by yourself now...
Ok, here's the reason/story of Asriel, and why the title is "Love or LOVE?"*deep sigh* ok, first thing's first, I already mentioned he is the prince of the underground, the son of Asgore and Toriel, and also Chara's only best friend, so, in regarding to Chara, when Chara fell under Mt. Ebott, Asriel spotted her on the hard ground and immediately helped her, so, there Chara noticed that the monsters under Mt. Ebott don't eat you, but they accept you as a friend or family, they show you more compassion than the humans, and so Chara became the adopted daughter of Asgore and Toriel, a new member of the family Dreemurr. Then, Asriel and Chara had good times with each other in their New Home, they draw together, they took care of each other, they even gone to the same school on the underground, and while one of the school's lessons, it was about the souls of humans and monsters, and there Chara sparked an idea on how to free the monsters from the underground, she just need to find a monster to help her, and she knows who, Asriel. They planned it alone, and so the plan worked brilliantly in the beginning, Chara made herself sick by eating a bunch of buttercups, their family were already crying in sorrow that Chara is dying, but for the plan to work, it has to be done, Asriel took Chara's soul and went through the barrier, carrying Chara's body, but when they got there, Asriel was immediately attacked by the villagers, but even though he's hurt, he still shows them mercy, and that's where the plan failed, he showed the humans mercy instead of murder, and Chara hated it...( oh...this is actually how Chara turned evil...sorry, but still, the reason why she kills every single monster is because she thinks they're too kind and compassionate that the plan failed, and she thinks all of those monsters are just fools, idiots, nothing but pieces of mistakes of the world, and for the humans, no one likes her on the surface, and she just wants to seek vengeance on them )
( ok...FOR ASRIEL!!! )
1. He wants to have a soul to feel feelings of compassion again
2. He wants to show Chara that he really is someone strong enough to kill people
3. He thinks Frisk is Chara
4. He doesn't want to be left alone
I hope you like this one! Because Asriel ( the cute one ) took me a lot of lines to draw him, and this took me 5 hours than the usual 2 hours.

I do not own anything here
Flowey , Asriel Dreemurr  and Undertale Pixel Asriel icon  belongs to Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale
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