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Karikati by ShinjitsuForever Karikati by ShinjitsuForever
Meet Karikati, the vampire in our group, I am still calling the group "The Feather Friends" though the others call it "Dark Winter" now...she is one of my new besties, she came from Saudi, so I thought she was a new student but actually she's  a returnee, she learnt in our school in Grade 4 she came back and I did get to know her and she's a great friend, my two best besties in the world are Gabuscus and Karikati now, we play truth or dares together, remember I said about my dream that she did a revenge dare unto me...the first truth or dare we played in real life is just the same as the one in my dreams, and it almost went real, but I didn't kiss him, only a hug, but I didn't dare to hug him...somebody pushed me to him, at least he was sleeping in his seat, he's just by the aisle now, he's now my neighbors by the sides are boys...which is fine to me because I hang out naughty boys a lot than girly girls. So, the recent truth or dare we played, it Saudin's turn to ask Gabuscus, Gab said "Truth" and she asked "From all of the girls in this classroom, which are your friends, who is the closest?" and his answer was "Shinjitsu" which is me ( THIS IS REAL!!! I'M NOT MENTIONING REAL NAMES! ) I can't believe of all the Enlightenator girls, I'm his closest friend while the strongest is Karikati. Anyways, before she also kept fangriling about stories in my mind about me and Gabuscus...she can't stop screaming at her hom while we chat and at school when she sees me and remembers the story I told, she seems to be grossed at the face and topic about Gabuscus, she doesn't even know why, but altogether we're still close and best's kinda weird. 
Hope you like her anyways!
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January 23, 2016
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