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Kankri Vantas by ShinjitsuForever Kankri Vantas by ShinjitsuForever
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He's supposed to be dead, but I just really don't like on how they look like once they're dead, all Alpha Trolls of Homestuck are dead, so, I just made him alive, since they look better as living instead of dying, living includes their eyes' colored as the color of their blood, like Kankri and Karkat's is Iron Red, which is the lowest blood in the blood caste of the trolls in Alternia, I don't know in Beforus, perhaps the most pampered?...huh, I don't know, Hussie didn't put much about the Alpha Trolls for a reason, anyways, when they're dead, they're eyes are colored pure white.

Some of them also, some parts of them are not healed or even their attitude changes, just like Tavros, once he was alive, he was so mischievous and including a kind of average level of self-esteem, when he died, he sounds so boring, trying to play cool with a higher level of self-esteem, which his self-esteem seems to be actually lesser than ever and also he's obsessed with Vriska, when he's not totally into Vriska when he was alive anyways.

So that's why I like the trolls better when they're alive than when they're dead, well, same thing too for other creatures and aliens and stuff, I'm still young so it's obvious that I have the greatest fear of death, though I'm so weak at school, I feel so caged and chained there, at least I still have a few friends there like Tyranic, she always helps me, she's my light, but of course, I don't depend on her that much, I don't want to barge in and bother her and be so annoying, I don't want anyone to be frustrated because of my problems, but still, no matter how sad I may be there, I'm still going on, I have a strong sense of Determination, but weak sense of inner strength, and there's that, I don't kill myself easily like some others, no offense.

Kankri Vantas and the rest of Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie
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August 20, 2016
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