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Kanaya Maryam the Sylph of Space by ShinjitsuForever Kanaya Maryam the Sylph of Space by ShinjitsuForever
Here comes the Jade Blooded Motherly Act of Karkat, Kanaya Maryam. About RoseMary, I wonder which is, oh wait, nevermind, oh wait, is Rose a homosexual or a bisexual?...

So, I found the wing reference from one of Lumi's Homestuck song extension videos, which is basically the extension of "Darling Kanaya", and, well, pretty much almost every single thing there is from that reference...from her clothes to her wings, so, I really like that artwork though, it looks so cute to handle, like it was the kid version of Kanaya.

I swear I forgot to put her weapon, which is the Chainsaw, in here, it's because I kept thinking of her as "motherly", not "badass mother" :( Aww, why did I only thought of that now :'(

The Mateiorb is really important to her life, ever since her ousts died, she got the Matriorb, and till the very end of Homestuck, the Matriorb is still there as well, it is one of the Most Important Things around Homestuck, other than Cal, the Timeloop or Timetable and the Paradox Space itself.

I really want to improvise the Sylph outfit because, it almost somehow looks lame to me, so, that's why I just followed that reference artwork of theirs.

The wings though, butterfly, like as it is, but bigger and awesomely beautiful.

Hope you like it!
The reference artwork belong to that artists around here in DA, it's so awesome and so cute!
Kanaya Triggered Icon  belongs to Andrew Hussie
I only drew the fanart.
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March 22, 2017
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