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It was a dream... by ShinjitsuForever It was a dream... by ShinjitsuForever
I always have crazy stories in my dreams, this one would be the craziest and the most unforgettable dream I just had. It was like, we were having a sleepover at PrisTimTim's house, we were playing Truth or Dare, at first, Karikati dared me to hug Gabuscus for 30 seconds, then I did, at first, he felt awkward, then later on, he felt something that I felt for a long time for him. The next dares were crazy and my dares to Karikati were kinda a bit rude because, it is like I dared her to lick Ren's hair and other kinds of stuff. When it was Karikati's turn to dare me again, she made a revenge dare unto me ( why always dare? Because we love dares, the others said truth too, ok ). This was her revenge dare "I dare you to kiss Gabuscus truly on the lips for 10 seconds, there's no turning back..." And somehow we actually did, Gabuscus was kinda feeling mad, awkward and nervous while I felt regretful, red and nervous, but somehow, by the half of the seconds, he felt something, I felt something burning from him, but unfortunately I have to wake up in the bright sunny day of reality, it was all just a dream...yet...maybe...
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January 9, 2016
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