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In a Set-up by ShinjitsuForever In a Set-up by ShinjitsuForever
Hey guys, back again, and my birthday just passed last 10/21, and that was one of the best birthdays Ikve ever had in my life. This time, I decided to go with my friends, cause this year, my friends had been celebrating their birthdays with us, our barkada or our group of friends, we just had it simply actually, watch a movie, play games and eat dinner, but they also had fun and Gabuscus also said it’s one of the best days he’s ever had since the past 2 months, same with his brother, they both agreed, same with Ren or...Tyrann, or whatever she wants to be called again...well, when we had dinner, she...placed me and Gabuscus in a set up, since her gift was a golden ring, well, a danio ring of course, we all have this ring, but silver, but she gave me a gold one because she said it looks better on me, so...umm, uhh...let me just explain this better for a while about their the first place

Plan A:
Leave Shinji and Gabuscus alone together on the table and let them talk for a while, while the others are away or probably everyone will go to the CR.

Plan B:
Gabuscus will give this tiny box with a golden ring in it to Shinji, like...he’s proposing to her.

Well, I’m pretty shocked why Gabuscus didn’t choose Plan A, cause Plan A was pretty fine, we’re pretty much just friends, just moirails, but instead...

Gabuscus: *grabs the tiny box* Shinji!
Me: wha-???...
Gabuscus: *opens box with a smile*
Me: *muffled while blushing real hard*
Everyone: Ayiiiieeee!!!
Gabuscus: *still smiling as he gave me the ring*
Shinji: *still hiding her face*

Like...seriously...I can’t believe he went with this plan instead, but as said, this was all just a set-up made by Ren herself, she made both plans because...she likes shipping her friends, mostly between me and Gabuscus...mother of the holiest cows, help me, now I can never forget what happened with this ring that I am wearing today...
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October 30, 2017
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