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I Love You by ShinjitsuForever I Love You by ShinjitsuForever
Now here's mine, Velated Happy Valentines Day! I made this early in the morning today, and it's kinda awkward looking, but it's worth a shot. Now you see, i'm not wearing the usual blue blouse of mine, this one's a varsity and I do have this in real life with the exact the same color details, it's converse, as in the brand. My hairstyle with my bangs is also different's since Christmas, my mom wants my bangs back but in a different way, somehow, it's sidebangs, not a hime cut anymore, at first it annoys me, now I'm kinda getting a hang of it, especially when I wear my headphones, I feel like it's still me old hairstyle, it holds it, now it's growing back, but I kinda like flipping it all around my face now...*sigh* Why does life has to do this to me?! ~ Gabuscus XP ( he's not here )
I'm saying I love you to my family and friends, but I'm getting a feeling with Gabuscus...yeah, yeah I'm in love with him, I don't know if I'm obsessed with him, there's also another thing...his mom posted the pictures she took during the foundation day with Gabuscus and his brother ( Gabuscus' brother ), the field demo and also our gang, one of it, Gabuscus and I were the only ones smiling and the others are looking at their gadgets and the others are playing Vanguard ( a card game if you don't know ) and his mom put a caption saying "Gabuscus' Angel" ( I told you no real names right now ) I felt red when I saw the details of the picture in sync with the caption...I don't know if I blushed at that time, but eventually no one noticed me since I didn't blush that hard.
Velated Happy Valentines Day once again, may you have a very loving and caring day!
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February 15, 2016
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