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Hope and Despair by ShinjitsuForever Hope and Despair by ShinjitsuForever
This is not a reference, but just a drawing that I made up, this was the first drawing and the first time I thought of the Myth AU. It started out with an angel and a demon who is also half-human, he’s kind of like an incubus, and teh angel was “fallen” because of her brother and defended him and would rather go down with his brother than to stay in a place filled with so much pride.

From the previous references, 2 and 3, the angel is Angel Hope, and the demon, well, his name is Geno Despair, and they are considered, well, a couple...these were also the days I was madly in love with Gabriel ( I admit ), so this came up to my mind, and I decided to draw it. The designs were pretty blurry in what I thought, that’s why these are not their original designs, these were just drafts, especially Geno’s, if you want to see my final design for Geno, it’s in one of my drawings in the gallery, he’s in chibi version, I made it as a Christmas gift for Gabriel, a keychain design, and I’m glad he loves it 😍😍😍.

Well, hate to break the new news, but, I don’t have a crush on Gabriel anymore, it took 2 years and a half for me to give up, but finally, it has ended. My bleeding heart can finally heal once again.

Hope you like this, it was made last year in July 😂😂😂
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