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Groufie Everyone! by ShinjitsuForever Groufie Everyone! by ShinjitsuForever
Yes, I made it look like a groufie, that's just what I planned it to be anyways, and as you can see, these may somehow look like familiar faces from different dimensions right? Of course, they're my favorite characters, but I kinda forgot my fave character for "Star VS the Forces of Evil", so lemme put him here, obviously it's Marco Diaz, I just said "him", just waiting for season 2 now...
Top Left: Rainbow Dash ( Humanified ) from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic
Top Right: Golden Freddy ( I call him Christopher, the Crying Child when he's in his human form ) from Five Nights at Freddy's
Bottom Left: Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls
Bottom Right: Lapis Lazuli ( Human not Gem ) from Steven Universe
Center: Sans ( Skeleton under Flesh, mostly known as HUMANified ) from Undertale
I like RD because she's just Awesome as she calls herself since from the start of the show, the 4th generation of MLP to be exact, not the other RD's from before, she's kinda boyish, but I don't want her to be a lesbian, even though the others considers her to be one, but still no, I ship her and Soarin anyways. She's a light blue pegasus with rainbow mane and tail, she's the fastest pegasus of all Equestria since she just became a legend herself after making 3 Sonic Rainbooms in 3 different episodes. She's the Element of Loyalty because no matter how many times she acts arrogant, keeps reading Daring Do books and joins in the Wonderbolts Academy, she remains loyal to her real and true friends, even her own childhood friend, Fluttershy, no matter how many enemies and new friends she've encountered, she treasures the ones who are true gold.
[ FNAF ] 
I kinda actually have two favorite characters in a tie, Foxy and G. Freddy, but because Christopher has a very elongated, sad and much explained story, so, Chris won. Christopher is what I call the Crying Child inside of Golden Freddy, I also consider him as the son of Vincent, the Purple Guy and Alice, the Marionette, yeah, so...I have my own related story why this happens; after listening all of the TLT made FNAF songs, "It's Been So Long" made me think that the Marionette is Christopher's mother, because from the lyrics, it almost sounds like his mother suicided and became the puppet, since she became a soul, and she's being trapped by one of those animatronics, so that's why she became the puppet and one of the animatronics of the FNAF crew. Now, "Die in a Fire" in togetherness with the lore that the fandom made, it made me think that Vincent seems to be the father of Chris, since in the game FNAF 3, these minigames, Vincent destroying the animatronics looks like he's freeing the lost souls, but instead, vengeance was done, since Alice is their leader, ATTACK!!! And, coma inside Springtrap, then he burnt himseld after 30 years, R.I.P
[ GF ]
Here comes all of those mysteries, WHY DID IT END??!!??!?!?! Well, I'm kinda confused about it since the ending of Weirdmageddon, in that paper Wendy gave, it says "See you next Summer!", well, IRL or no? Just what?! Gravity Falls itself has a lot of unsolved mysteries yet. Anyways, back on track, Dipper Pines! Why you ask? Because he's kinda like me, a smarty but there are some times I'll become acting like stupid, but not like Mabel, and another thing, he just looks so cute, he solves mysteries, he's wimpy but he has a big heart, even without the journals itselves
[ SU ]
That stand for Steven Universe, to those who don't know about this show, it doesn't really mean Steven's Universe in his dreams, that's just his full name, now, this show is full of gems, the three main gems are Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, with the companionship of Steven Universe, half human and half gem, they together form the group "The Crystal Gems". Now my favorite character/ gem is not included inside the Crystal Gems, she belongs to the Homeworld Gems, gems who are not rebels and still want to stay in their real home. Lapis Lazuli is actually cerulean blue, but since every single one of them here are humanified, so, change her eyes ( my style ) and and her skintone, her gem is nowhere to be seen because we know her gem is at the back for her to release her power of having water wings, yes, she can manipulate/ control water.
SANSIE BOY!!!!!!! My newest and latest favorite character yet, Sans the Skeleton! The pun master, the gaster blaster master caster disaster plaster, the lazybones, the short but terrible and the most mysterious and full of secrets character in Undertale. To people who do not know Undertale yet, Undertale is not a show, it's a game, a new best-selling Indie game, I'm not mentioning spoilers here anyways, so, long story short, go check it out by yourself. So, hehe, above in the content "People" I put there "Skeleton under Flesh", of course he's a skeleton now, just put some flesh and a few squishy parts and organs then, done, he's a human! I saw someone drew Papyrus and Sans' hair, but only as wigs, and referred from there, Papyrus is a blondie and Sans is a whitie, well, I kinda agreed to that, another comic mentioned that his eyes before are dark blue, so, I blended his eyes from dark blue to light blue ( Undertale be like: Integrity to Patience ) and since he really love to wink, just make him wink, he always smiles, every single time, let him smile for the picture, and his slight eyebags? Is he insomniac or did he just done a skele-TON of work finished before this? Hehe...
Well that'll be it, I own nothing here
Never Fear Your Friendly hero is here!  belongs to Hasbro
[F2U!] Golden Freddy Icon  belongs to Scott Cawthon
Dipper Uncertain Icon  belongs to Alex Hirsch
Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli (Thank You Steven)  belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Sans Trombone icon  belongs to Toby Fox

Hope you like it!
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Swaroopashok Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Wonderful work. Keep up the creative streak. Do take a look at my art and lemme know what you think. Would love to get your opinion on it.
ShinjitsuForever Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks and I already left an opinion on your gallery Sanswinking 
shatteringlight Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Student General Artist
I love this great job.headphone blooky 
ShinjitsuForever Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Aww, thanks you're so sweet, and Blooky's cute in the emoticon there. Thanks
shatteringlight Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Student General Artist
no problem. 
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