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Gentleman Gabuscus by ShinjitsuForever Gentleman Gabuscus by ShinjitsuForever
My step-niece requested me to do this, because of the busy schedule of things during this summer, I took 4 hours to finish this thing.

By "busy schedule", I am making things other than just that and chores and outings and stuff, I am making Aradia horns, but damn, they are unequal in width, oh well, it's pretty fine, as long as not in height, also's unequal by the tips...but as said...height is the thing I'm looking out for

I am also making a Flower Book, basically yes, a book about flowers, it's based on the game Flower Knight Girl and I'm using a new or separate sketchpad for that.

Also, I still haven't forgotten about the Trolls of course, I'm already working on Gamzee Makara...

And I'm trying one challenge from Autodesk Sketchpad, to draw something related to that.

I also have another Traditional Drawing I haven't minded yet, it was something like a Jaspers X Becquerel thing, they're from Guidestuck, a fan-comic based on Homestuck, only in comic style, text, and characters, being changed or swapped from the main characters, you know...if you're an Undertale's just like UnderSwap...this is how the swap goes...the main characters were swapped to be the guardians, and the main characters' guardians were swapped as the main characters.

Anyways, hope you like this before I will reveal the High Blood Beta Trolls of Homestuck.
Gabuscus is my friend ( but he's not totally a gentleman )
The dragon is just what I made as his spirit animal ( he said he wants to be a dragon if he were to be an animal )
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April 18, 2017
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