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Dreamer by Dreemurr by ShinjitsuForever Dreamer by Dreemurr by ShinjitsuForever
Remember, please, if you want to avoid spoilers, go to anoher deviation or don't read more about this description if you want to avoid it, especially spoilers from Undertale. Thank You
This is not only from Undertale, most of it you may think it's all Undertale, but the concept of being puppets dragged by another puppet to the puppeteer, that idea came into me when I saw one fanart of Gravity Falls with that kind of concept, so, the strings and concept came from that, but with Undertale instead, and I added Asriel, because in that fanart, there were only three of them, and I refuse not putting Asriel Dreemurr here since it's form by form, from Flowey to Asriel the God of Hyperdeath.
Sorry, no timelapses/speedpaint, I can't just link you to my FB page/account, so only my friends can see the timelapses I've made, I have no YT, think about it, I know how things work here in DA, but I can't in YT, I'm not ready for that responsibility yet, all I do with my father's account in YT is to use it comment on livestreams, like many times on Camila's ( the creator of the animation sequel of "Megalomaniac" ).
Digital Artists doesn't mean they can't post anything which is not digital, they can still draw traditionally and still they can post it, right now in this moment, there's no forever than love and God. Come on! With this big, I can't even handle the wings itself! It's easier to color the wings traditionally for me, I don't care if the colors looks light than vibrant, and still I hate the wings, but I like it, understand that statement by yourselves.
I do not own any of the characters.

UNDERTALE: Sexy Flowey! Icon , Request duo icon Asriel (SPOILERS) Request duo icon Asriel (SPOILERS)  and Asriel Dremurr FINAL (SPOILERS)  belongs to Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale

The concept of the strings and puppet by puppet came from a Gravity Falls fanart that I saw in a video in YouTube which is "Bipper Tribute" perhaps...maybe like that...

Anyways, hope you like it!
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April 9, 2016
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