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Down the Wormhole by ShinjitsuForever Down the Wormhole by ShinjitsuForever
This is obviously in a fantasy manner since, we don't know where a wormhole is yet around the Earth's surface, we know sinkholes and blueholes but not wormholes. That would be me and Gabuscus, we'e so young as Kinder 2 in that, well, I GOT THAT FROM OUR KINDER 2 PICTURES ANYWAYS! Ha! I only have one tail here because I haven't found my true wolf self yet and Gabuscus is not a dragon here because he didn't even know he's a dragon, he haven't met his father under the ground and transformed into one. The bracelets are glowing but we don't know what it really is, but all we know is that our parents gace that to us as a gift of bond and love.
He saw me running by the woods, I saw him by the back, he was chasing me because he saw something very unusual, like the tail with the scenery of the galaxy.  While he was chasing and I was running through the woods, I fell on a very deep hole, said to be the hole that people falls on it, no one gets out again, he kept following me and so he did fall through the hole as well without knowing about the legends. I saw him falling through the top, I asked him "Why do you keep on following me?!" he said "I'm sorry, it's just because...I saw something...something tail...why is it formed like the galaxy, I just can't keep my eyes off of it..." he was full of curiosity...a very curious kid as I am, I was in the woods at the first place because, I want to see the land beyond our kingdom and I want to fill my life with adventures than staying inside the castle all the time. As we fell deeper and deeper, we got closer and closer as friends, arkann and human together in nothing, but then it seems like there was a light below us, we smiled and hung on tight with our hands to each other and got out on the same hole, seeing the sun didn't even move so far, it seems to be on the same place though it seems like we took a lot of time inside that hole, and we know it's time for us to go since I heard some wolf howls and footprints and I have to run after them to say "I'm fine, I'm ok, don't worry" but behind me while I was running back, I didn't hear him so well, he was like in a questioning tone...( I FORGOT TO ASK YOUR NAME!!! ) I just ran, and come by the thought of it, I didn't ask his name and tell mine! Damn it! How I really wanna go back and tell him, but it's too late, there's no going back, my bodyguards have found me...I just hope, I can meet him again soon...
I just saw this in a dream, like it's how Shinjitsu and Gabuscus truly met, when they met again, they forgot about it because they didn't know their names, they're very young and when they got older, they didn't wear those bracelets, they remember those bracelets so well because it's very special, not only to their family but also to themselves as friends in unity from two different races. On the second meeting, I was bad, I was banned from the kingdom by my own brother because I have done a gravely bad thing, trying to overcome the kingdom just for my own power and to end all these negative feelings destroying my reputation, well, so, Gabuscus and I met again on a school, he saw I have 3 scars, but something felt in him that he've seen me before. Long story short, he helped me go back to normal, and we finally got our names, and we're friends again.
Well, actually in real life, we were...classmates in Kinder 2, I didn't get to know him that much right over there, compare this with the Fantasy story, it's like the part where he chased me, then we're classmates again in Grade 2, we went far as pretty good friends, like when we fell in the wormhole and talked for a long time, later on we went up and never got our names, then in Grade 6, we're classmates again, but we had no idea we were good friends before and how we knew our names, we became best friends and even more as close friends, until my heart came in, I fell in love with him, and he knows that, and he felt awkward, but no matter, we're still besties, just like the explanation above...
Hope you like this one, since...this means a lot to me with...Friendship through the Ages
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February 7, 2016
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