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Auras of a Dream by ShinjitsuForever Auras of a Dream by ShinjitsuForever
Who am I? What have I become? Do you all deserve me? Am I good? Am I bad?

I'm Shinjitsu, just a uniquely normal person.
This is what I get for hating change, but I accept it.
I love all of my golden friends, and I know they care.
. . .
. . .
...Nobody's perfect, I'm just a sinner like the I am equally good and bad...
Well, for some reason, I kept asking those questions to myself all the time, in life and in dreams, and this dream just got it right, since....most of the time now, I kept answering my own questions.
It is called "Auras of a Dream" right? Remember that one crappy or kinda like my first true digital art I posted? It's not technically related to that, the thing is, in that dream, my logical or my left brain's broken, it's filled with bad thoughts, nightmares, sins and things that I shouldn't remember or known, the reason to that, it's because I was possessed internally, and as I said, I am equally good and bad, it symbolizes that way in a very weird manner, this is what I get for listening to Borderline, but I got to admit it, Borderline's a pretty cool song. Ok, for the creative or the right brain, it was pretty fine, in it were my favorite characters, there are a bunch of different AU Sanses in it and Ink's my favorite as a protegee, Sans is now my favorite character anyways, and my favorite Sans AU is Ink! Sans. Well, more in it was absolutely amazing, the texture on the ground, well half of it, is from Wreck-it-Ralph's Sugar Rush, you know pink and cotton candy, half of it was Undertale and a small town and city, then in the middle is were the Hetalia Axis crew are there, Romano, Feliciano, Ludwig, Japan, and also Sans and Papyrus, original bros, and Ink! Sans. Starting from that Hetalia spot, or the Spaghetti deluxe by Papyrus and Italy, going up is a stairway to outer space, where the Outertale Stardin crew are located, walking to the blind curve lies the Elements of Harmony from MLP and where I am located, in the middle of my two brains.
So, talking about that, in the deviation shown, it's me and Gabuscus, but technically it's not only him, but this dream is the one choosing Gab who concerns the most alongside Ren, Juvia and Zoerina, and the dream switched the person who has a crush on, instead of me, it's him, Ink! Sans recorded what Gabuscus said about me and totally hides it for future use for me to here when I'm back to normal, SERIOUSLY ABOUT THIS?!?!
  • Ren - she was crying about what have I become and all those nightmares in the left brain.
  • Juvia - she remembers all those good times with me and wonders why do I do those horrible sins.
  • PrisTimTim - was all normal, all neutral, but wonders what's with me and what's with the right brain's environment.
  • Davealot - not crying, but looks down in confusion and just comforts Gabuscus. ( they're boys, so what )
  • Zoerina - looks at the stars hoping I would be back to normal and have more happy moments than bad ones.
  • Karikati - cries a lot like Mettaton.
  • Gabuscus - concerning about me, confusion all over, determined to help and find out the answer to the problem.
  • Me - I've become a silhouette up in that tower.
Weird, right?
Uhh, welp, this is the first time I finally remembered the details of a dream of mine, I remembered the scenery, the things, even the clothes that we were wearing, and I can hear a song in it every time it plays, so like...when I went back to normal, the song's one of my favorite songs and I was wearing similar to Red's, a fan OC character of the Undertale fandom, in mixture with the original Red riding hood's hood and added those puffy circles on the shoulders, related to Snow White's, ironically I don't want to be a princess for pete's sake! But I just considered myself to be one in another dimension?! Wow...just ironic...but still the same, I'm a princess in that dimension, but still acts and considers myself as a commoner, welp, not the girly type, just what I needed, and I still have that giant sword that I designed technically for Dashie Agility, my MLP OC, which I made her as one of Shinjitsu's ancestors...XP you'll see that giant sword someday...hehe...and for Gabuscus...I just searched it in Google and changed some colors. I also managed to find a new way on drawing or coloring hair, but Gabuscus' hair was pretty nervous for me to do, not because I have a crush on him and he looks pretty cool for me on that drawing, it's because that his hair is dyed in green, only in a drawing, but at the end, well at least I got it.
When the background is upside-down, it almost looks like the Philippine flag because top is blue, bottom is red, the flames looks like stars when there are the actual stars, and I don't know what's up with the flower, Sampaguita?! 

PS: The flower in the middle, I made a mistake, but it still looks good, it's supposed to be the logo for Shinjitsus, the cherry blossom of pink and blue like the yin yang of black and white, but, at least it's all one monochromatic color, stress-relieving to me.

Gabuscus belongs to my childhood friend, Shinjitsu belongs to, and some of those mentioned links above, they belong to their rightful owners, even some of the designs I've made.

Hope you like it anyways, it's ok if you don't read the description, I understand, it's pretty long...Un_n
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