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Aradia Megido the Maid of Time by ShinjitsuForever Aradia Megido the Maid of Time by ShinjitsuForever
Here's after Karkat, Aradia, the Maid of Time, from Totally Dead to So Alive, and the Listener of the Dead ( and Equius' Smooch bot )

I know I may not have gotten the trolls' blood color's well, but, I tried my best, Autodesk in my iPad does not enter other photos inside the canvas so that I can copy the color of the trolls' blood well and perfect, so, sorry I can't. This is pretty much not the real Rust Blood color of Aradia.

Also, by the way, I am definitely not doing the Alpha Trolls, there's a probability that I would be doing the Alpha Kids, but not the Alpha Trolls, other, or, not 12 more,

I know she is psychic, so, I didn't put those red flares of hers as well, unlike Sollux', since I put his telekinetic side/powers in it, but sorry, not for Aradia's because, she's a Time Player, and remember in [S] Collide, Dave had those Time thingies whenever he activates his Time Powers, I just referenced those thingies to Aradia as well, you know, the ones on her hands.

I actually had fun drawing Aradia, she looks awesome to my perspective, from top to bottom, the powers and her wings.

By the wings, I decided to make all trolls' wings' transparency to 69%, because, why not? It looks good enough.

Hope you like it
Double Pistols and a Wink  belongs to Andrew Hussie
And all those other references as well, to the rightful owners
I only drew the fanart.
TorrenOglethorpe Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i definitely like it OuO nice work Clap I am a dummy! 
ShinjitsuForever Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! :3
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