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Aquamarine by ShinjitsuForever Aquamarine by ShinjitsuForever
I looked back at my Pearl drawing, and I thought...what if from time time time, I’ll draw some gems from Steven Universe...and I can’t stop thinking about this narcissist little brat, she’s stuck in my head, so...I drew her

The background has a purpose, I made 4 backgrounds for this in dedication to the four diamonds, White, Yellow, Blue and Pink, so far I made Blue yet because I made Aquamarine, I didn’t place a background for Pearl because, I had no idea which Diamond she belonged to, was it White or Pink? The theories are killing me and I need answers from the actual show! 😆😆😆 if I’ll be drawing a fusion of two different gems, I’ll just cut the background into two or three, in depends how many gems in a fusion there is.

Talking about gems, I am currently drawing Pink Diamond on my sketchbook, and it’s not as detailed as this though, I mean, there’s no background, just plain Pink Diamond with Planet Earth, and that’s all, though I’ll be finding some time when to continue her because I got other art projects to do in dedication to Valentines Day and also due to school.

Well, I hope you like it!
I own nothing but the fan art, Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
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